Mean While….!!!

November/December 2017

Brandon powell from our 2015 Everyday People interview page and our Television video is enlisted in the National Guard. He'll be serving his country while looking for the nearest skate park.

Brandon P. at your service!

It's a gold rush at Bdubz. Put your futures in gold because paper money can fluctuate.

Baby Dubs, sittin on Gold!

Pet Diamond Raksangob caught a few clips outside of Bangkok recently in Wang Kan Leung! The clips might make it into their next video project.  

Pet Diamond in the center of it all!

LaDarius Williams from our most recent video Shilouette is feature in a clothing company's comercial. The clothing company's name just happens to be called Craft , it's out of Winston Salom, NC! 

Craft from The Lost Shop on Vimeo.

Nic Hughes stopped into Bangkok recently on his way to Changmai, Th. He took a few photo while hang out in the city. You can catch an interview of Nic Hughes on our Everyday People's(interview) page and look for him in our Television(Tell-Lies-Visually) Project.  

Photo friendly with Nic Hughes

Preduce Prfessional skateboarder and good guy Geng Jakkarin is part owner of a bar located in Bangkok, Thailand's Phraknong area. Look out for it! 

Geng Jakkarin has a bar

September/October 2017

Chaiyapong Bunchai is now on Sticky Grip from Dog Bark distrubution and against all rumors he is not on Creep Skateboards. 

Sticky Grip, it works!

Retro is here and now! Check out Spitfire's 48mm  wheels at your local shop! 

Spitfire 48mm

Hype Mountain crew has new t-shirts coming out in one solid format of grey with black sleeves with a silk screen printed logo. 

Hype Mountain on the rise with new t-shirts!

Nepal's annual contest, "Go Skate Day" took place in Kathmandu again this year.

Nepal's annual contest

Local Bangkok skater named Charlie Candle has been doing his own diy t-shirts with description Pervert Lover! The t-shirt are being sold at local markets and shops across Bangkok.

Pervert Lover

Leo Gauv who resides between Bangkok and England has an independent printing company. They make everything from mini magazines to stickers. 

tbp printing and publishing

Check him out on facebook is you need his independent expertise.

July/August 2017

Bangkok, Thailand's  Creep Skateboards has a new series of graphics with a rock album theme to them. Just what theme has been released just yet. For more details peep around their facebook page for more details.

Creep's new board series

A new public park that has some amazing obsticles and embankments is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

It's been a hit or miss with security but I am told it is well worth it.

Giam filming at a new public park located at Chula University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bullet shoes has been keeping up with their shoe game. One of their well know shoes are the Toe Caps.

Check them out on facebook.

There is a new skate park in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. The skate park was built in 2016. The park has been getting alot of footage with in the past year. It just so happens to be Ethiopias first skate park ever, be on the look out for Ethiopia's growth in skateboarding.

Gershon Mosley has made the move from the Mid West back to the West Coast. The Ob2sconcept is still running strong and future projects are in the works.

Compton's most wanted!

Hype Moutain is working on a full featured video, the crew will have more tricks and treats than a halloween night. Keep your eyes pill for their video.

Hype Moutain at it again

May/June 2017

Tricket Skateboards out of Bangkok, Thailand has an interesting video on their youtube channel. The video is called Pattaya Mission! This company out of the land of the smiles has an adventurest touch to their footy. Check them out!

Skate Jawn is an underground magazine coming out of the Philadelphia skate scene. They have been around for a few years now.
Their videos are just as cool as their magazine.

Look for them on youtube also!

Loveletter's is here with Skateboard Magazine!

Before cell phones, the internet and skate video magazines reigned supreme... In this episode Grosso examines the birth of skateboarding in old skate mags from the 1970's with some of the pioneers who were there. Steve Olson, Chris Strople, Bill Sharp, John Lucero and Lee Ralph are featured.

Wav is a vhs filmed skate video out of south Florida.
It's been out for about a year, it's lead by a filmer named Dylan Hughes.
It has an interesting format, it is worth checking out!

The last of the video triptych and close to another chapter for the one -FORMERLY KNOWN- as Gershon Mosley. Learning that -SEMANTICS- are used as a means to confuse the majority, helped to balanced his mind and bring about -An Interrupted Cycle!

Suplex is a video brought to you by Curb Sharks! Check out a young gun out in the streets-- named Steven Baily Murray. It has been said that he put in a lot of work for his first full street part, in SUPLEX. Much more to come for this kid.

Orlan Posuwan has put out another video called Like a Boss! He has Smit's part floating around youtube, check it out!

Like a Boss(Smit's part)

by  Orlan Posuwan

Hype Mountain is a crew of guys out of Bangkok, Thailand. This group of expats are know for their party antics. They have recently kept their videos coming one after the other. Here is one of their videos from sometime ago.

Hype Mountain and friends!!!

(Re-Edit of the crew at TU skate park)

March/April 2017

Silhouette stickers have been floating around a few choosen shops for promotional use.

The trailer is located on our home page. 

Silhouette stickers are now in affect!

Fri Do from our Control Freaks with Transportion(Bangkok skateparks) video, which is located on our Video and Footage page. Fri stopped into Bangkok from Kempten, Germany. It was nice catching up with him and he's doing well.  

Léo Anzévui visited Bangkok, Thailand recently. When ask how was it to be back in the Land of the smiles he said," it was great to be back". Check him out and the rest of the Preduce team. 

Preduce skateboard's Léo Anzévui with a frontside flip up and over the fence!

Saafir the Saucey Nomad's 1994 album will have a song or two displayed in Film School Projects video Silhouette. It is a pleasure of ours to lace our footage with an underground classic. Check out his audio magic on youtube.

Saafir the Saucey Nomad!

Gi Lu from America's east coast has launched his very own clothing brand called C.R.E.A.M. inc. C.R.E.A.M. inc released new t-shirt designs at a show in Hanoi, Vietnam called, How Skateboarding Saved My Life. Check them out on Instagram@creamhanoi!!! 

C.R.E.A.M. inc is a new clothing company out of Hanoi, Vietnam! Be on the look out for big things coming from them!

A special thank you to Frankie Tarro and to DeJah C. Hyles, they recently sent pictures of themselves wearing Film School Projects t-shirts to our instagram page. Look it up and add us @filmschoolprojects 

January/Feburary 2017

Junior with a krooked grind as a youngster gets out of the way.

Slapway is a clothing company out of Australia,

Junior Magagnin who is featured in Shilouette is one of their rides.

Creep colored wheels

Creep wheels has a new set of colored wheels, they'll be out this spring. has a segment on Karl Watson! It is diffently worth checking out.

It show cases a great selection of information from the classic years of the 1990's.

Giam aka Mr. Ayala Sawka

Giam was away from skating and filming for the past two months, he is currently on his board again.

He'll also be featured in Film School Projects next video entitled: Shilouette!

43 magazine is a magazine which can be seen on line @!

It has tons of awesome photos from London to the East coast of America.

43 magazine great images!

LaDarius Williams is currently sponsered by Ace Trucks.

He'll be currently doing his thing in Film School Projects lastest video!

And yes, it is called Shilouette! 

LaDarius Williams

October/November 2016

LaDarius (Munchy) Williams has been active a long the lines of filming. He has been putting out videos and clips throught out this year. Take a look at some of them on youtube.

Gershon Mosely has a new line up of t-shirts and sweat shirts over at The Obtuseconcepts. You can check out what's to come at the website at


 A group of local skateboarders are working on creating a local zine from the Rockford, Illinois area. The first couple of issues should be out around the Spring time of next year. 


Film School Projects is working on another video entitled Silhouette!

The video should be out and about after the New Year but before the Spring! Look out for it!




FOLLOW @beatricecompany on Instagram. "Beatrice" is here, steamed from skateboarding roots with passion, persistence and faith to create an idea for oneself as well as for others. It's not about selling product or producing treads. It's about sharing knowledge and my ideals of skateboarding. We give you "BEATRICE" .




Zach Gough made the cover of Performance Press magazine recently. Zach recieved an interview with Film School Projects in 2015 and was in their Spring (Warm ups) video too. It doesn't look like he plans on slowing down with getting coverage anytime soon. Congradulations!


August/September 2016

Kane Nugent from Glue Bags skateboards has put out a video dedicated to Bangkok, Thailand's pink park! The video has a couple of highlighted tricks that need to be seen, look into it!

Glue Bag - In The Pink from Kane Nugent on Vimeo.

Bullet Shoes is another well quality shoe coming out of Asia specificly from Bangkok, Thailand too. They have a long list of shoe models. You can find them on facebook.

Bullet shoes

Bullet shoes

 Film School Projects has a new sticker design with their digital logo.

They'll soon be in selected skate shop from far and


Digital Logo

Digital Logo

Dog Bark Distrabution has released a new deck seris for Creep skateboards.

Also they gave birth to a new wheel company called Coffee Wheels!

Dog Bark Disturbution's new creation!

Dog Bark Disturbution's new creation!

On September the 17th a video premeire was hosted by D88 and Kanong skateboards called (The Fucking Kanong video). The video was held at Abbe's Bar on walking street in Pattaya, Thailand. 

Kanong skateboards and D88 decks

Kanong skateboards and D88 decks


Roti Skate shop is a new skateshop located in Bangkok's HauMock area.

You can find them and a list of their goodies on their facebook page.

Skate goods at Roti skate shop

Skate goods at Roti skate shop


Andreas Monaxios from the Hast squad has a video for your viewing pleasure! It has a few clips of the boys enjoying themselves at the skate park in Stockholm, Sweden. 

A skate shop by the name of Plus is having a release party for Evan Smith! From the looks of it, it will have a lot of music and high packed energy, for more information go to Plus skate shop's facebook page.  

Evan Smith's creation!

Evan Smith's creation!



Creep Skateboards is working on their up and coming video. The video will feature the entire team with a few high lights of friends.

Tong and Pet Rakangsok for the up and coming Creep video!

Tong Kosawasan and Pet Rakangsok filming for the up and coming Creep video!

Nakita Payne who has been featured in Film School Project's videos such as Spring, Television(Tell/Lies/Visually) and expecting a little company soon. Nikita and his girlfriend will have their first child late this year, congrats! 

Nakita Rasheed Payne

Nakita Rasheed Payne


May/June 2016

Miyachi Sasuaga has his own project called ever Green, he has fine garments that are taylored just for you. Check out what he has in stored on his facebook page, just search for Miyachi Sasuaga.

ever Green clothing

ever Green clothing


A shoe company called Loud Footwear out of Bangkok, Thailand has another line of shoes with new color ways. Check them out on their facebook page LOUD Footwear!

LOUD Footwear

LOUD Footwear


Creep skateboards is coming out with another series of decks and Film School Projects has been working with a few of their riders as well. Keep your eyes and ears open for what they have in stored.

Creep Skateboards

Creep Skateboards


Robert Elijah Branch the Third has been designing homemade beer Koozies which are made out of jean material. They are part of his part of his B Team projects.



Tight Hardware

Tight Hardware

Peter Petcharattana has been producing Hardware under the name Tight Hardware. They have been circling around Bangkok, Thailand for quite some time. 


Preduce's new deck series

Preduce's new deck series

Preduce skateboards has another deck series out,

this time they have collaborated with a Japanese artist named Sadam Yoshizawa.

If you find their decks around pick one up. 

Film School Projects released another video at Bangkok, Thailand's Goja bar during the month of April. The event featured other local videos from filmers and cinemaphotographers.

Nomological Video Premiere

Nomological Video Premiere

Banana Skates is a skateboarding magazine in the works coming out of Bangkok, Thailand lead by Grey Stain.

Banana Skate

Banana Skate

March/April 2016

Again skateboards and skate goods with Shawn (Leo) Ward

Shawn (Leo) Ward has  amazing stickers out by Again skateboards and skate goods. 



D88 is a skate shop in Pattaya, Thailand has a friendly staff and a lot of cool products.

R.I.P. Love Park

R.I.P. Love Park!

Fair well to the skateboardings beloved Love Park. Film School Project has a video called Nomological.

The video has a segment of Alpha Magbo enjoying the lovely skateable terrain of Love Park. 

Faggots and Freaks is a video of a decest skateboarder named Mike Bowan. Mike Bowan was featured in Film School Project's Control Freaks with Transportation section 2.(Illinois and Shawn Ward in Maylasia) video which is located on the website's Videos and Footage page.

The will be an awesome artist production on March 31st - April 12th in Poi Pet, Cambodia. The event will show case talented graffiti artist from all over the world as well as Cambodias local skateboard community. The event is also sponsered by Skateistan! 10441266_963137193769263_7053616448198455283_n

Gershon Mosley and the boys from The oBtuseconcept Skateboards! If you haven't seen their video Obsession you really should check it out that out too!

Glue Bag skateboards in company out of the U.K. their products and affiliation has been recognized in Thailand, look them up at

Glue Bags

Glue Bags

Jousph Cousin and crew relaxing in Bangkok, Thailand

Joseph Cousins and crew relaxing in Bangkok, Thailand

Low Card magazine filmer Joseph Cousins recently visited Bangkok, Thailand for a short vaction. Film School Projects and friends enjoyed showing him a great time. Please come again Joseph!

Anthony Oglesbhy

Anthony Oglesby

Anthony Oglesby one of Jason Dill's old homies is coming out with a full length skateboarding part in over a couple decades. Check him out and his company called Delic Skateboards.


Winston Salem, North Carolina's Tre4 8  Crew and LaDarius Williams  have built a local DIY spot in there area.

D.I.Y. anyone?

Winston Salem, North Carolina's Tre4 8 Crew and LaDarius Williams have built a local DIY spot in there area.

January/Feburary 2016

Relax clothing company out of Japan has a website with a lot of good quality garmets and accessories.

You should check them out on line at!

Relax Original

Relax Original

Skate Church has something for those on the religious side of skateboarding! 

Follow them on Facebook and for an extra daily dose (and even more skate clips) please check us out on Instagram too 

Skate Church

Skate Church

January the 30th Hua Mock had another skateboarding contest.

No information on who won as of yet, stay tuned for details.

Hua Mock Crew

Hua Mock Crew

Robert Elijah Branch the third had an impressive article in  Art Discover.

Robert has an interview and an insightful look into his personal life and his art.

Look into it at

Robert Elijah Branch the 3rd

Robert Elijah Branch the 3rd

Wonderland out of Germany has put out its own paper tray.

Check out what they have in stored on



Outside of the art world an art show was showen at 23 Bar and Gallery in Bangkok's Chinatown. The was for a photographer named Sirimas Panchana and she show cased photos of Chicago streets and it's architecture. The show will run from Jan 16 to Feb 12. 

Chicago in Bangkok

Chicago in Bangkok

December 29, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand's Huamock skatepark put on an interesting contest this month. Goat Day to be exact, the contest had a long list of differnt events, a long with a prize toss and a lot of fire.

Goat Day Contest

Goat Day Contest

Curbsharks BODY SLAM video is due to be out before the winter is over. Here is a trailer of left overs. And if you haven't guessed it Wrestling is the theme, be sure to check it out!

Desmond Martin has recently visited Thailand and has introduce the land of the smiles to his wheel company Babydubz. Babydubz are skateboard wheels with rims. Desmond Martin has also put Thailand's Guthorn Choosri on the team.

Babydubz Wheel Company

Babydubz Wheel Company

Dreg skateboards recently put on a video premiere that went fairly well. Video has a divers group of styles coming from the local likes of Cap, Kai, Bank, Jak, Austin and Fuduhu. The video was made by Payu.

Dreg Video Premiere!

Dreg Video Premiere!

Shawn Ward hook:flowed

Shawn Ward

Shawn Ward has been getting hooked up from his homies in the land of the smiles(Thailand). He has been pushing a long with Dreg decks and Bullet slip on shoes.

Living The Dream Premiere

Living The Dream premiere

On December the 7th Olarn Posuwan and the Thailand Fallen team took the opportunity to display their video. The gave a detailed look into their trip to California.

November 30, 2015

Kershun Wescott the man who helped launch the Go skate day in Nepal has produced t-shirts to help celebrate the country's success over the last few years with their skateboarding scene.

Skate Nepal!

Skate Nepal!

Film School Projects is working on finishing up a new video due to be released around spring of 2016. The video is  called Nomological, it is 100% street skateboarding. The video will also have a nice selection of rippers from all over the globle.



Jason Thompson has put together a new edit of footage with music and a mixture of new footage and previous goodies.

Good Wheat is the name of a company out of East Africa they are working on a new skate video called Green Lights. Look out for it!

Good Wheat

Good Wheat's Green light video

White lines head man Ak Puengpetlarp has been producing some thing out side of the skateboarding world. He has his ery own brand of  wines. You can check out the website at 

 KBH ONE wine!

KBH ONE wine!

Film School Projects owes a big apology to Kevin McDonald, his name was not present in the Film School Projects tee shirt video. The name Owen Thomas is not correct sorry for the mix up Kevin McDonald and Owen Thomas.

Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald

Film School projects has released another video located on their videos and footage page, titled: Pet Diamond Recruited!

The video has a few highlights of Daiji Nara and nawng Aum too.

(Pet) Diamond Raksangob has been recruited!

(Pet) Diamond Raksangob has been recruited!

Matt Phipps has an article on Dream T.V. about his life and travels through a lens while riding a skateboard! Check it out the url below!

Matt Phipps on Dream T.V.!

Matt Phipps on Dream TV!

October 31, 2015

Jason Thompson put together one of his videos with an interesting self filming production, catching his very own skateboarding lines and other single tricks with a still camera. Check it out!

White lines out of Bangkok, Thailand has a facebook page with a lot to see for sore eyes. Their page has a load of photos, video and daily updates about what's going on in their world. Check them out, search for Whitelineไว้ลายSkateboardTHA! 



t-shirts will be in stock next month

Film School Projects are out of t-shirts for now, t-shirts will be in stock next month.

Stickers will be in stock next month, sorry guys!

Stickers will be in stock next month, sorry guys!


Pet Diamond Raksangob has been getting flowed by Creep skateboards lately!

Way to go Pet!



Gershon Mosely and the boys have another Park Rangers Series out!

A new skate blog called DEFY is coming from North Carolina from the likes of Munchyy Snack'Time Munch! The blog is just as interesting as his name. Look it up at!



Just something spooky for your mental health, look into Black Tapes Pod Cast!

Brandon Vance resourced us to this sight of mysterious. 


Curb Sharks has a winter edit coming soon for those inside days dedicated to keeping warm and having fun.

Here is a recent edit of The Shark Cage: Steven Bailey-Murray!

Tim Savage out of Boston, Massachussetts has given us a release date for his skate video.

The premiering of the long awaited project titled GEM will be premiering on December the 12th, 2015.

tim savage filming

September 26, 2015

Hip-hop group and skate crew The Grateful Dread has decks out for you and your friends. They can be purchased at Uprise skate shop and other fine skate shops, just ask around. 

The Grateful Dread on Deck!

The Grateful Dread on Deck!

Chicago, Illinois has a school on the northside called Volta Elementray School and they are working on building a skate park in the school's community.

Volta Elementray School

Volta Elementray School

A grand opening was on Sept. 10th at 11am. Aerial of the newest Hardcore park in Madison, Wisconsin.

Aerial skate park

Aerial skate park

The land of smiles is bringing the skate world a lot of fashion lately from two companies called

Priew Clothing and Atta Apparel out of Bangkok, Thailand.

Atta Apparel has released their video which is entitled Hardcell, Atta also has an interesting website located at

Priew has a line up of gear for you a long with their lastest footage, they are a click away on facebook at

Priew t-shirts

Priew t-shirts

Last month's interview with Bradon David Vance, Brandon discussed his ideas on filming for the Ahkuna Matada skate video and for a better insight check out the full length video for yourself!

Akuna Matada premiere

Akuna Matada premiere

August 24, 2015

If you don't know by now you should know. Check out some awesome podcast by Anthony Shetler, his live pod cast interviews and discussion are on 

He always has a long line of interesting people from the skateboarding industry.

Home Skateshop out of Louisville, Kentucky is a skate shop inside a home. The skate shop offers a nice selection of decks and a variety of goods. Check them out if you are in the area or look them up on facebook.

Skate Hustle Apparel out of Nairobi, Kenya Africa has changed their name to Skate Hustle Brand.

Filmer Giovanni Edl from Dresden, Germany has a loud of fun footage on his youtube channel.

Look him and his crew up on! Giovanni Edl

A new skate park near DonMuang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the newest parks in the city. It has become one of Bangkok's favorite parks.

Tammasat Skate park

Tammasat Skate Park

Oscar Jordan's company Juice Skateboards has a new U.K. rider Lloyd Mcgleggon and a new U.K. distrubution from Rough Swan distrubution. Look out for the new Juicmayne Grime offical collaberation wheels. There out now!

The annual End Of Summer Clemente Jam was held on Saturday August 22nd at Roberto Clementa a High School  in Chicago, Illinois. The school has been very supportive of skateboarding for a long time.


 Janchai Montrelerdrasme put out a video that has been out for almost half a year now and it's still an eye full. Check out his work on the Converse project called: Converse CONS #HashTagLaterTour- Virgin spots w/ Geng Jakkarin, Andrew Brophy & More

Janchai at work with Geng  Jakkarin

Janchai at work with Geng Jakkarin

July 23, 2015

Embarcodero's James Kelch has a skateboard company called "Hella Cool.sbc". You should check'em out on instagram or facebook.

Anthony Brunson switch kick flip!

Anthony Brunson switch kick flip!

Anthony Brunson has been caught playing around on his four wheels and wood lately, despite him switch kick flipping down 8 stairs recently, he stated it was out of bordem and there isn't any hope for a come back.

The little man Jaja has found a home on the Tricket team out of Bangkok, Thailand.

Keep your ears open and eyes out for his growing talent.

Tricket skateboards

Tricket skateboards



Crub Sharks with Rashad(Nakita)Payne



Tim Savage has a trailer out for a skate video he's been film for skate called Gem. If you like the trailer, just wait until you see the full video.

Tim Savage on his grind while film a grind!

Tim Savage on his grind while filming a grind!

William Strobeck has a new video out called SWOOSH!

William Strobeck

William Strobeck

The Television(tell.lies.visually)video is up on display on our video and footage page through! Big shout outs to Braxston Carter his name was not mentioned in the credits for illustrating the introduction for the Television(tell.lies.visually)video. Job well done Braxston Carter.

The Emerica crew visited Paines skatepark in Philadelphia, Pa a few days before Go Skate Day. The word on the streets is that it was an amazing event and tricks were consistant.



Fresh Skateboards out of Rockford, Illinois has been getting fresh with stacks of decks for sale.

Check them out on facebook.

Another segment of is out for your viewing pleasure! 

This segment is with Philadephia's Jimmy Chung and a little high light of original DGK member John Puca. Watch it and other neat segments.

Jimmy Chung and his American Dream Unit Model

Jimmy Chung and his American Dream Unit Model

Adidas has released a shell toe signature line up for skateboarding O.G.s like Drake Jones, Kareem Campbell, Joey Bast and Richard Angelides. These pros from the 90's kept shell toe adidas on their feet. It's nice to see them getting their recognition.

Michael Strodal is on his way to a fast recovery. He damaged his toe while skating last month.

Danny Burger is also coming together with a healed ankle, we were told he has been cruzing a round the parks of Wisconsin. 

June 27, 2015

Dilemma skateboards

Dilemma skateboards

Dilemma Skateboards is a company out of Indiana. Their decks have some uniqe shapes and graphics.

Look for them on facebook@

Check out Alfonso Rawls master mind creations from EVERYBODYSKATES.

EVERYBODYSKATES has tons of amazing t-shirt designs of your favorite pop stars and pop culture.

Check them out at

Krime Shoes has been advertising all over social media late. Their old school shoe model is doing well and they look great on your feet, check'em out!


CONCRETE KOALUH is the new project by Ashtre Surfa on check out songs like Cabbage, Body Language and much more.

Ashtre Surfa

Ashtre Surfa

Comedian Marcos Satirist performed one of his stand up act while wear one of Film School Projects t-shirts.

If you are in the Rockford, Illinois area of the Mid of America check him out, he's got louds of funny stuff.

Stand up with Marco Satirist

Stand up with Marco Satirist

Check out Dreg skateboards from the land of smiles, Thailand.

Their new video trailer is here and the full length feature should be out really soon.




Film School Projects recently stumbled across an old trick tip for you late comers by our nobel friend Anthony Brunson! 'Trick Tip W/ ANTHONY BRUNSON- I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S CALLED'!

A Launch Party happened on June 5th???

A DGKxUprise collection dropped a few weeks ago at North Bar in Chicago, the party kick it off well! There was live music performed by the legend Ron Allen and The Grateful Dread.

May 26, 2015

A game of skate

A game of skate

Billabong presented Thai Skate Game 2015 brings 16 of Thailands best skaters together to see who will be the grand champ and carry home the trophy and 20,000 baht in cold hard cash! The battle royale took place on Saturday 16 May at the Ekamai "Pink skatepark" starting at 11 am!

Controll freaks with Transportation's (section 1. Bangkok street skating) intro band THE GREATFUL DREAD has an interview with Shelly Johnson this month on our (Everyday Peoples)interview page. Shelly talks about art with a paint brush, a skateboard and from sound waves. Look for THE GREATFUL DREAD this summer touring in the Chicago area. 



The Film School Projects has wrapped up their lastest project: Television (Tell.Lies.Visually). The project highlights skatepark skating with a 1990's VHS skate video approach with a controversial look into the hidden agendas of news television and the media. The video is set to be released on and around national (Go Skateboarding Day). Keep your eyes and ears open for it!

Television the movie

Television the movie

Congrats to Supavich Esharoe, he has had a sponsor from Creep skateboards for sometime now.

Supavich is also featured in Control Freaks with Transportation (section 2 Bangkok skate parks)!


Sterling Burke enjoys the night life with a few beers and good company.

S! aka Sterling Burke and friends have a sections of footage on Skate Planet. Watch the skills and other sections of different Bangkok rippers on Skate Planet! 

S! aka Sterling Burke and his friends at skate planet!

Curb Sharks

Curb Sharks

Curb Sharks has t-shirt for sale. Show Bryan (Xctrono) Nambo and the crew your support by contacting him on facebook and pick up a t-shirt today. 

Anthony Oglesby has awesome concepts and ideas going on over at Delic skateboards,

Delic skateboards consist of a few riders such as Aaron 'Ajax' Johnson and Eric Rick.

Delic skateboards also has a vinyl podcast show presented by Delic productions on! Check it out and get a wide range of music for your grooving pleasure.

Shawn Leo Ward and models

Shawn Leo Ward and models


Our Canadian friend who happily resides in Bangkok, Thailand has a new job outside of the skateboarding world. Shawn Ward has been a V.J. for sometime now, interviewing lovely swim suite models. Talk about loving your work benefits!


Check out Shawn Ward as the V.J. in the land of babes.

April 20, 2015

Oscar Jordan and Juice skateboards

Long time under ground and under rated pro skateboarder Oscar Jordan has a new company called Juice Skateboards. Oscar recently told Film School Projects that things are going to plan and the new series is out already.

Krime Foot Wear

 Bangkok, Thailand's Henr De Massiac from Krime shoes has a new limited edition series coming out. Henr is collaborating with P' Nut aka Sivagorn Muttamara over at the Kinky Ape shop and things are looking great. Krime shoes should be circulating around the mid west of the United States of America in the late summer.  


A new group has formed with the likes of Angel Bueno, Azairious Tramelle and Chauncy Bueno called Steady Rollin. You can listen to their beats and rymes on Sound Cloud or look them up on facebook at

Based Jesus and designs

New designs to the Film School Projects website have been added by the creative mind of Braxton Carter, hats off to Braxton Carter.  



Videographer Bryan Nambo just released another video out of the Curbshark camp. This time Bryan remixed footage from 2012 to 2014 from Film School Projects, check it out! Also look into what Bryan Nambo and the Curbshark crew have in stored at:

2012-2014 Film school Projects remixed the Crubshark way!

The Ob2concept!!!

The Obtuseconcept had a fun night on March 6th with the release of their new video Obcession, the video comes with a booklet of the team's adventures while filming. Gershon Mosley and crew also have t-shirts and other goods on line at:

Skater’s Atlas!

Matt Phipps over at Skater's Atlas has a new issue. This month's issue is of number 10, it's about Argentina's Buenos Aires check it out and other back issues of different countries with Skater's Atlas at

William Strobeck/Fat Bill!

Film School Projects, Jahbarr S. (Jay) Hyles got in contact with an old skate buddy from his Love Park years in Philadelphia, William Strobeck. The two haven't talked in over a decade. William Strobeck sent a nice package to Jahbarr S. (Jay) Hyles to show his appreciation.

What’s up Danny!?

Congrats to Danny Burger he recently picked up a new sponsor from the guys over at Clueskateboards, Danny will also appear in the Television(Tell.Lies.Visually) video.

March 20, 2015

Television(Tell.Lies.Visually) Project Is coming!

Now that the weather is getting warm it's time to finalize the project. We have plans to take a few out of town trips within the next few weeks to come. At the moment footage from European and Thai skaters are being edited and processed. The project is looking great but there are a few complications dealing with Youtube's copy rights. It appears that some of the songs and video materials in the video are not permitted for public useage. I am working on solving these issues. If the Television(Tell.Lies.Visually) project is still not fully authorizated, we at Film School Projects will deliver a copy to you. Sorry for the delay and we will keep you posted!

Sterling Burke!!!

Congrats to the homie (S!)Sterling Burke, he won 4th place in The Last Man Standing skateboard contest in Bangkok, Thailand!

Film School Projects meets the art world!

On Feburary the 27th and 28th, North Main studios put on an art show for the public, doing our best to fight off cabin fever. This year's Cabin fever has hunted most of us this late winter for sure. Film School Projects took this opportunity to show case the minds of David Haws, Robert Elijah Branch the third and Jahbarr S. Hyles. Instead of launching more skateboarding ideas to a community of skateboarders who already understand the skateboarding culture. Film School Projects decided to give the art community and public a taste of skateboarding culture with an artistic eye. Many people think that skateboarding is only about tricks on ramps with a rebellious attitude. Film School Projects knows that the public doesn't understand that skateboarding consist of a large group of art forms such as graphic design, comedy, photography, visual art and the performance of skateboarding tricks are about style as well. We at Film School Projects took the opportunity to share our world with the minds of the public. Feel free to take a visual look into our two nights.


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