Party, Party, Party

Party, Party, Party

New Year's Eve is an awesome time to get with friends celebrate the coming of the new year! It is also a time when people get involved with stupidity. Here are just a few ideas from our friends at Film School Projects about what kind of dumb and stupid things that might take place around them on New Year's Eve.

What is the dumbest thing someone could do on new years?

Cliffton Kaewkarn "Having sex without a condom in the bathroom stall a girl. That seems pretty dumb!"

Cliffton Kaewkarn


Verayut Barame "First of all avoid dumb stuff! Some should give someone the option of teaching skateboarding  for kids or someone who wanna play skateboarding and filming. That would be nice for a new Year's gift."

Verayut Barame







Peter Petcharattana  "I got one, walk into town with CD covers all over your body as a dress. That's a pretty epic thing to do and go on the BTS(Bangkok's elevated train) with just the CD covers and nothing else."






Bradon Powell  "Probably skinny dipping because it's in the middle of January lol in Wisconsin that's a no go. I did the order a pizza to be delivered late and say I ordered this last year is my order free?... It was lame!


Shawn Leo Ward   "Get drunk and jump off Rama8 bridge, Get in a fight over nothing!"








Austin Funk "Spike every bodies drinks with acid? I'm thinking about what may cause the most chaos, maybe mixing speed and a powerful hallucinogen!"


Ozzy Reynolds  "stealing a tuk tuk drunk! And ride the  center of Bangkok with monkey and hookers inside the tuk tuk hahaha of course dressing like santa claus!"







Shelly Johnson  "Spend a million dollars on bottles at a club with horrible music?"







Romi Allen "Get arrested in a town in America called Belvidere!"







Eden Gil  "Get pissed drunk and jump from Bsangkok's Rama 8 bridge to the Chao Phraya river?"








Sergio Del Amos "I guess the dumbest and most usual thing is getting drunk while cooking and preparing the eve... And completely pass out before the clock hits 12."






Henr De Massiac "Forgetting it is new year!" 






Matthew 'Mzungu' Galvin "Dumbest things on New Years, drinking and swimming in the ocean! You'll never achieve your New Years resolutions when you're dead. Being dumb with fireworks like that NFL player! Having a watch or phone that is a couple of minutes early! Being so desperate for a New Years kiss that you kiss a dude! Drunkingly snapchatting your boss all of the illegal/ semi illegal recreational activities you may be partaking in on that night. Walking from one party to the next without realising how far it is and not making it in time before the count down (happened to me- it sucked)! Oh, passing out before the countdown, fo sho!"

Matt with a here's looking at you kid!

Gap Darter "Stay at home!"








Nic Huges "Sorry, I just can't imagine being dumb and doing dumb shit on new years eve. Can I pass on that question please?"







Sterling Burke  "Throw up on people I don't know, Get into a fight, Break up with girl friend, Somehow cause bodily harm due to stupid drunken antics, Drink myself under the table, Be as rude as possible to anyone I deem fit, Wake up with no belongings and no recollection of what happened outside somewhere."

professional adjustments, business before pleasure

Samwel Sammy "ollie the Uon 16 set in Nirobi, Kenya half drunk!"







Roger O'Connell "Hmmmmm some of the dumbest things you could do? Hmmmmmm I dont know man but Ive seen the bar set really far. Drink too much that you pass out in the club at 11:30 and subsequently miss the countdown. seen that happen. Did that. Basically overpartying yourself before countdown. You wanna pace yourself so by the time midnight rolls around you've got a good buzz going. Oh and if you got a car dont be on the road at11:30. If you're at a club and want to change clubs, dont take a cab if its 11:30. Because chances are that traffic will be so congested that you will end up doing the new years countdown in a cab or car."


Bryan Xctrono "Skydiving? Go out to a party with your friends, but dress as each other! I have no idea!"








Beatrice Domond "In my opinion I believe..... like creating a 'new years resolution' like just waiting for that day to create something better in your life. Why not do it now in the moment?"






Leo James "ok, let me think! I am not to good at these things!"







Chris Christian "Dumb things! Maybe swimming in an icy river!"








Sivagorn Muttarmara "Heavy BEERs b4 count down AND past out after did that 555 ! Wake up 4 hangover SK8ing ! 4 MY Amazing new year time!"






Antonio Williamson relaxing to escape the haterism!

Antonio Williamson relaxing to escape the haterism!

10 ways to spot a hater in your skateboard community

1. If a kid starts asking you to play a game of skate as soon as you get to the park but you don't get a chance to warmed up yet. Their basically trying to find your flaws in your tricks and they are testing you. But if you are flawless and laid back then that'll shut them up.

2. You post a video of you just having fun, doing a few basic tricks. They'll mention tricks that another skater did some time before you on the same obstacle. Really man?I am like shut the fuck up you troll and let me finish Kanye West.

3. Idiots constantly try to compare you to other skaters of the same skill. They are constantly in favor of them just to piss you off.hated

4. People saw you skate before and figured out you are good. You enter into a competition then they expect for you to throw yourself down the biggest obstacles for their enjoyment.  Nooooo, I'm going to do my thing the right way. It envolves me having fun and not killing myself in the process.

5. Random kids ask you for your name. They are suprised that you are the kid that everyone is talking about around town. Someone who's been dick riding/jocking you and told them something negative and directed it towards you.

6. The locals don't invite you anywhere with them to go skating. It's not like you wanted to skate with them but it's the principle. What kind of skate hospitality is that?

7. People don't gives you credit for landing new tricks on your first try. Your the underdog of your community and everyone knows it.

8. When you get to the neighborhood skatepark you see someone you've chatted with before and when you try to talk to them they act like your a ghost. Like are you holding a grudge because I beat you in SKATE or No?Hate me!

9. You follow the locals fb page in search of new friends and spots to skate. No one shows you around or even attempts to welcome you in. They know you can skate but don't want you killing their spots and embarrassing them.

10. You park your car at a spot. The idiots of the park know what kind of car you have and then while you are not looking turn your car mirrors inward without your permission or fondles with your car making it noticeable. Like keep your monkey paws off my whip before I call the fucking police. Are they trying to break into my car or is this their closet homoerotic way of filirting? Tell them you don't get down like that. But it might be one other thing they're a freaking

By: Tonio Williamson