Everyday People(Interviews)2015


Robert Elijah Branch the third and his egale eyes watches everything!

Robert Elijah Branch the third and his egale eyes watches everything!

FSP: Hello and what is your full name?

REB: Robert Elijah Branch III is here!

FSP: How is it living up to the name of two men who paved the way to get you here?

REB: It is a bit intimidating, I can't yet comprehend the importance of living. Following sometimes can have so much resistance at times like white rapids. I been trying to stick my neck out there but no one will cut it for me.....I like it though its a cool name!

FSP: How old are you?

REB: I just turned 18 yesterday. No, i'm 27 of age. Unfortunately! It's an honor, I don't know how to accept it.

FSP: How is life different for you at 27 verse 18 years of age?

REB: You can get away with being dumb or impractical. I don't know, it felt so much more invigorating just to fart.

FSP: So, farting is one of the major differences?

REB: No, I felt a mental perspective difference.. kind of like a out look towards things. I still follow my inner kid.

FSP: I see so, there is a perspective difference.How is this?

REB: I'm sorry but how is what? This interview is quite rad! I like www.filmschoolprojects.com, Chyea Boi!

FSP: You are rad that's why we are having this interview!

REB: Oh cool, thanks bro! Some of your awesomeness has rub off on me! Yeah right, it would just melt my body.

FSP: What city are you living in as of now?

REB: Chicago in Illinois!

FSP: How is Chi-town? It anything but shy.

REB: It is Alright! There's a lot to skate and some cool bars, good food, pretty women. It's alright the weather about kills it. And its a pretty penny out here for about everything.

FSP: Have you been skating a lot lately?

REB: Well, not much recently..... I had a board but I was skating and it was smashed like compeletely totaled by a semi-truck MFing 18 wheeler at my face. I was running scared but I just been riding my cruiser board, its like an antech or classic. I got some original tracker trucks on it, it' s an Earth ski Bob Logan's. It's super dope! I got decent switch flips on it too.

FSP: How did your board get totaled, as in what tricks were you doing? Also where were you skating?

REB: I was skating just across the a street, actually not doing anything but riding and I hit a rock. My board shot out behind me propelling me forward. I went in once for it but a car nearly hit me. My board so I  retreated for a second to realize a semi was heading right towards me! I ran and the semi veered onto my board, smashing the trucks, hardware, kin pins, hangers and wheels right through the deck. It was so wreck, I trashed it at the subway. I was at western, right off the orange line.

FSP: Well, I am glad to hear that you made it safe. When are you getting a new board to skate?

REB: I'm not too sure, bro. I have just been hitting it up with my earth ski. It gives me that deep respect for skating all over again. I got you and the winter is coming to so it's really no rush. Oh, bro its always a need to have it at anytime!

FSP: How is that new skate park doing? It looks freaking huge!

REB: I am not sure which one you're referring to, grant park?

FSP: They have that many now? The park that was recently built. I think that's it.

REB: There's a lot to skate out here on the real. But yeah, grant park is cool. You have to get comfortable with it and its fun.

Robert Elijah Branch and his friend are willing to supporting each other unconditionally!

Robert Elijah Branch and his friend are willing to supporting each other unconditionally!

FSP: What's your favorite trick to do at grant park?

REB: As of now with the cruiser, I like hitting the vert wall there and doing plants and stuff on the quarters they have. I will hit the A frame there too with the cruiser, so fun.

FSP: That takes a lot of heart to get down at the park with a crusier board. Does school keep you from skating or does skating keep you away from school?


REB: I don't balance it well, I really need help or like an assistant too. But I manage to construct a rhythm, a beat or pattern as you will, with creative explosions sporadically occurring.

FSP: What are you going to school for?

REB: I am hoping to get a BA in architectural engineering, I'll be stoked to receive my Associates in science.

FSP: What do you want to do with your degree? As in what kind of work do you want to do?

REB: Maybe some interior design or blue prints. I would like to work for myself recycling but I..............

FSP: but what?

REB: I'm hoping to work on some projects with some firms, I would like to build some buildings or parks. I have always enjoyed creating things.

FSP:Okay, sounds like you have an idea of what you want. How did you get interested in architectural engineering?

REB: Just thought it fits me, if I have to label or classify myself within a certain intellect field of comprehension that waived descriptively. It's also flexible to my dreams.

FSP: Ok, I think I understand. It sounds like you have had your head in the books for awhile. What do you like to study or read besides architectural engineering?

REB: Recently I just got some books on the middle east like Egypt and Iraq, Northern Africa and the Asian peninsula I think too. I could be mistaken. It's Europe, I think! Recreation leadership and morality and population policy stuff too.

FSP: I see, that's what sparked your interest about these places. Have you visited these places?

Out on the crusier board for some fun!

Out on the crusier board for some fun!

REB: No, I haven't. I plan on visiting Dubai though and you sometime real soon!!

FSP: Thank you, I would like to see you over here too. Why would you want to visit Dubai? I have a brother and he lives there with his family!

REB: Oh' that's pretty cool! Oh' I know someone who lives there with family that owe me a favor. I'm especially keen to her.

FSP: So, it's a lady friend?

REB: Yes and I meant that her family seems pleasant enough. They are really good people. So, I can swing by your brothers too then, eh!? Stop in and say whats up on your behalf?

FSP: Yes, you sure can!

REB: ..oh' thank you !! ... yup Dubai.. Hey have you seen that  WE are BLOOD flic.? It has got some shots in Dubai too.

FSP: I haven't but I was told a lot of it was filmed in Dubai.How did you meet your lady friend and is she from Dubai?

REB: She was born in India I believe. and I met her in Chicago .. we went to a Christmas eve dinner together and the rest is history.

FSP: And it sounds like the rest is history. Is she classified as your girlfriend?

REB: Yes and no, right now!

FSP: What is she doing in Dubai, you said she was born in India?

REB: She lives there with her family, I don't know more than that. Besides Dubai is like a large rich city.

FSP: Is she going to school in Dubai and if so what is she going to school for?

REB: She has been studying around many different places. She is a doctor and was taking some exams here in the states. She's a pretty amazing individual! Very kind and smart to boot. She is very creative and artsy as well! She truly is a vibrant spirit!

FSP: How is it dating a doctor? I dated one but it wasn't very long. Do you two play doctor when the red wine kicks in?

REB: No comment ..... it can be frustrating but its definitely great.  If I had it my way I wouldn't see any other doctor. Wink, wink!

FSP: How do you deal with the winters in Chicago, Illinois? Everyone has their own method. What is yours?

REB: I don't know how to quite answer that question without just screaming gibberish LOUDLY at the top of my lounges..ahaha just kidding!  its not that bad! I don't mind it, I like preping myself for it. I lived up north in wisconsin for a bit so the cold isnt too bad. I know its going to be cold so, i just dance with it. I usually  try and stock up on the hott chocolates and pancakes. Get yourself some awesome gloves and you would be set!

FSP: What's your hot chocolate speciality? Do you have anything that you put with it that makes it special? Brown sugar, cinnamon or brandy maybe?

REB: Sometimes I like it with dark coffee but mainly just super chocolaty and warm.. I like it sweet! Maybe when i'm feeling hyped, I'll spike it with some Rumchada.

FSP: You are into a large and wide range of music, what are the names of some bands that you really like?

REB: Right now my favorite band is Northlane. But I like Silverstien, The Mars volta, Brand New, As blood runs Black, redneck manifesto, 88 fingers louie, penny wise, Bloc party, some of young thug, ugh and some thats I cant get off the tip of my tounge but yea! I like the bad plus it goes on.

FSP: Nice, so you really know how to keep yourself active! You took part in Film School Projects art show last February. You produced home made beer koozies and sold them there. How did that idea come about?

REB: Oh' shit now this interview is getting hard i'm going to need a smoke break!

FSP: Take your time!

MOMENTS LATER FSP: How is the cigerate?

REB: Hey whats up!? I'm back, sorry for the delay!

FSP: No worries, Could you let me know about the koozies!

REB: It was inspired by always wanting to have my drink with me while I was on the go.

FSP: And you hand crafted them right? As In your design and your work was put into it?

REB: Yes, I added a strap to it so that I could have more capacity to be careless with my drinking hand.

FSP: So, your Koozies are especially made for the drunken, mindless wonderer? Sounds like they were made for me! That's why people shouldn't drink and drive, they might spill their drink. And not to mention damage someone's life!

REB: It's cool but yes, I am an artist. I am currently working on a few projects. It's all black market stuff!

FSP: I see, have you met any people that you would like to work with developing concepts for new projects or random ideas? Chicago has a lot of talent in the city.

REB: Yeah, like plenty of people like power 92 radio station. Ed Boon, John Tobias, Mike Boon, and I also have work experience with deal with Focal Point. Check me out on Youtube under: RASHAWN MCKENNIE.

Robert's artistic skill on display!

Robert's artistic skill on display!

FSP: How long have you been skateboarding?

REB: about 14 years, I didn't realize its been so long.

FSP: Who were some of your first influences in Skateboarding when you started?

REB: oh' Man! Bro, Peter Smolik!! All the way! I just liked everything that had to do with skateboarding, I was hooked.

FSP: What or who has been some of your more recent influences?

REB: All The homies bro! .. Everybody near and dear to me and been on the path with me recently, you know who you are!! Cant do it with out the local support! Everybody is killing it though! I dig Romero, bro for recent there's a few.

FSP: Speaking of killing it. I am sorry that I didn't return to Chicago like I wanted. I really wanted to film you some more before taking off to Thailand. Time and money got the best of me.

REB: as it does with us all!

FSP: I was really shocked to see that many spots on that side of Chicago. Have you recently found anymore skateboarding spots?

REB: But of course.. my eyes are always scouting, my gps is loaded.

FSP: Where did your footage come when I edited the Alfred Hitchcock discuss Film School Projects video? The correct title is actually Alfred Hitchcock talks about Film School Projects and Robert Elijah Branch the third! I had a lot of fun with the editing process of it all. You were living in another state then as well right?

REB: I was out in portland at that time, good stuff!

FSP: Oh'really Oregan!? What did you like about Portland and what did you not like about Portland?

REB:Yup, yup! We well its a capturing scenery out there. I liked the food and I met some real cool individuals.


50/50 on the a tilted rail

50/50 on the a tilted rail

REB: I saw the Alien Workshop one but its what type of footage I am going for next! Hey, I got to go see you later. Thank you for the interview and take care my friend!

Images provided by Robert Elijah Branch

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Robert Elijah Branch


Joe hard at work!

Joe hard at work!

 FSP: Hello buddy, please tell us your name?

JS: I am Joe Skateaholic!

FSP: You are deeply into video cameras and photo cameras too. How did you get into cameras?

JS: Im interested in cameras and shooting photos! My mom bought me a Canon 550d that was the first time I started filming!

FSP: How did you find your job?

JS: About being a clown? I need a salary job in the day tme. My freelance work is dead now. I saw on a website, this amusement park had a job opening and then I apply. That was my first start to becoming a clown.

FSP: How do you like it so far?

JS: I like it a lot, I saw the smile on people's faces. I feel like I am full of happiness.

FSP: How many days a week do you work?

JS: Well, for now 6 days per week. Sat - Thursday im working, Friday is my day off!

FSP: Are you the only clown at the amusement park?

JS: No, I have a team. My team has 4 people, mascots 2 and clown 2.

FSP: Do they know that you skateboard?

JS: Yep, everyone knows that skateboard!

The clown with out a frown, Joe Skataholic!

The clown with out a frown, Joe Skataholic!

FSP: Does anyone on the team skateboard?

JS: No one skateboards but me.

FSP: How long does it take for you to become a clown or to get into your character? Also do you put on your own make up?

JS: It took about 1 week of work for me became a clown. I'm a mascot first and a clown second. I made up myself, make up and all.

FSP: You are a clown and you have to be happy all the time. Do you have an easy job or is it a hard job to do?

JS: The job is easy but I have to please people all the time. Some customer mess with me and  the kids are scare of me! But it's not a big problem I just chill and relax.

FSP: Do you have a sad clown face and a scary clown face too? If not you should show up to work looking like Pennywise the clown from the movie IT. You'll scare the kids really good. What do you think about that? My favorite clown is calleded Twisty from American Horror freak show! I am sure the kids would like him too.

JS: Yeah, I like Twisty and I am a big fan of this series im watched every season too. Pennywise is so insane! He looks so scarey.

FSP: Have you been filming lately?

JS: Yep, I have! I filmed some new Huamark video last week.

FSP: Who's in it and is there a title yet?

JS: My huamark friend

FSP: Is there a name for the video?

JS: The video's name will be Huamark Halloween



 FSP: Ok, when will it be avalible for the public to see?

JS: May be on halloween night!

FSP: Where will you show the video at? Will it be at a bar or at Huamark?

JS: Just on youtube and vimeo

FSP: What kind of Camera did you use for this video? Did you use different cameras too?

JS: Canon 5d mkll, I only use 5d.

FSP: Have you watched any good skateboard videos lately as well?

JS: We are blood! It's so fresh but didn't watch the full version yet. I just watched the teaser.

FSP: What do you like about the video?

JS: Production camera angles and every thing.

FSP: When did you start skating Huamark?

JS: Around 2009-2010 I did'nt remember but around that time.

FSP: Huamark is definately one of Thailand's funnest skate spots. I remember when (S) Sterling Burke and Shawn Ward took me there. It was in the market place then, I loved the energy and the cute university students always watching the skateboarders skating. Who was responsible for creating it?

JS: You mean video wise or the Huamark skateboard scene?

FSP: Who were the people that made the market area a skate park at Rhamkampang University? It was a good idea.

SKATAHOLIC since 2011

SKATAHOLIC since 2011

JS: Actually in front of stadium there was a blank and smooth street then skater came to skate that street untill the market built up more and kick skater out.

FSP: Thats not good. I undestand how it worked out now.

JS: There was cute girl in sport suits to much of them before the market came there.

FSP: I bet the area is still full of cuties!

JS: Yes

FSP: Cuties and sexy, right? When you are filming what is the most important thing to you?

JS: The angle, focus, weather and rain

FSP: Oh skater too?

JS: If you are a fit skater, you get some footage.

FSP: What skaters do you enjoy filming the most?

JS: I lke filming every skater. I love filming too.

FSP: Who do you normally go skateboarding with?

JS: My friend name Paan is my skate buddy. He's a Huamark skater.

FSP: How did you get into skateboarding?

JS: When I was boy I saw skateboarder on tv I felt amazed then in high school I saw my friend skating on that day I tried to skate everyday since that day.

FSP: What was your first skateboard set up and how did you get it?

Great times with the skataholic and friends!

Great times with the skataholic and friends!

JS: Kind of like an old school skateboard that my mom bought me.

FSP: What brand was your first real skateboard set up?

JS: It was a Santa cruz deck, My friend give me his Standard trucks too. I don't remember the wheels and bearing.

FSP: Did you live in Bangkok then?

JS: Yes

FSP: What year was this?

JS: Do you mean what year I started skating?

FSP:Yes, I do!

JS: Around 1999 - 2000

FSP: What were some of the things that you liked about skate boarding back then?

JS: That it was amazing, when I landed a trick it made me hyped and happy.

JS: Skateboard gave me something to focus on, it is something good for you too.

FSP: Do you skate with any of the same people that you use to skate with when you started skateboarding?

JS: 8th grade started skating with my high school friends. I skate with same people about 6 or 7 mounths after that I skated in the street sometimes.

skataholic to filmahalic, every moment counts!

skataholic to filmahalic, every moment counts!

 FSP: What are some of the things that stood out about skateboarding at that time?

JS: Im watched a video about street skating, I thought I need to try to skate in the street like they had done in the video.

FSP: So, it wasn't video games or an Xgames contest that got you into skateboarding it was skateboarding videos. Do you remember any of the first couple of videos that you saw?

JS: 411vm but I can't remember issue number. Maybe it was issue no.12 or 13.

FSP: I actually miss the 411 series. I wish they would bring them back. How was your day at work yesterday?

JS: good day, actually! Many kids were happy and playing.

FSP: Do you ever get out a skateboard and skate around in your custom at all?

JS: Yes, I do!

FSP: How do the customers react to you?

JS: They all look excited when they can see a clown skating! Some customer warned me to be careful.

FSP: Sounds like a lot of fun!

JS: yes

Party time with a friend

Party time with a friend

FSP: Have you ever thought about doing any skate footage of you wearing your costume?

JS: Yes, I think that would be fun.

FSP: Would it be only you or a group of you guys skateboarding with clown make up and a costume?

JS: But not yet, I think I'll try it soon, make up, clown suite and skateboarding.

FSP: What has the skateboarding scene been like in Bangkok lately? Any contest or demo going on or coming soon?

JS: Go skateday at pink park had a skateboarding event lately, the next contest will come soon. I dont know when, yet.

FSP: Your English is very good, when did you start taking English lessons?

JS: Ummm, in 11th grade high school with skateboarder from Japan.

FSP: The skateboarder from Japan was he a student in your school or did you take private lessons with him?

JS: He came to Thailand for studied in international school and he came to skate with me and my friends. I asked him to teach me english everyday at the skatepark. Free english lesson with skateboarding!

FSP: That sounds like fun. How did you find that opportunity?

JS: My friend at the skatepark had nobody to talk to in english.  He could only speak to me but that time my english skill were weak. I needed to practice, I tried to talk with him daily.

FSP: Cool, that's pretty interesting.

JS: Yes, I think it is too.

FSP: What do you remember the most about learning english?

JS: It takes courage to speak english as a second language. I had to stop caring how anybody would look at me, I don't care just speak english or at least try. Mr. Bobby of English Breakfast TV show taught me that. I worked with him a long time ago but now he passed away.

FSP: What's the funniest English word that you can think of? Take your time to think of one.

JS: I like the word is bad ass. I think its cool.

FSP: Would you ever name a skate video Bad Ass. How about Bad Ass Huamark?

JS: Destroy America, Huamark so bad ass.

FSP: Sounds even better! What's your favorite thing to do outside of skateboarding? As in what hobbies do you have besudes skateboarding?

JS: Stay home watch some skate video or some movies. Hangout with friend sometime too.

FSP: What kind of movies are you into?

JS: The Whodunit TV series is cool. Thriller horror action animation etc.

FSP: You like thiller horror action animation a lot. How did you get into animation?

frontside boardslide from the skataholic

frontside boardslide from the skataholic

JS: I like the animation plots. It's relaxing to watch them.

FSP: Do you draw cartoons also?

JS: Sometime but my drawing is so bad.

FSP: Do you try to draw? If so, what do you try to draw?

JS: Some times graffiti, sometimes cartoons!

FSP: Do you have a favorite artist, Bangkok has a lot of them?

JS: No, I dont!

FSP: What can we expect to see from Joe Skataholic in 2016?

JS: Maybe my new video clip about the new huamark skatepark. The city is rebuilding it now.

All new Huamark skate park, on Oct 10,2016. I will start to film around the month of January.

FSP: Really? What are some of the new obsticles?

JS: Take a look, They are all new.

FSP: Great, I can't wait to see it. I'll be back soon. Do you have any last minute things to say before we end your interview? Got any thank yous or shout outs?

JS: Thank you so much for this interview. I miss you a lot.

FSP: Thank you Joe, I'll be on a plane next week. We'll skate again soon!

JS: Yup, see you soon!

FSP: We'll take care and thank you for your time!

JS: You take care, too!

Images provided by Joe Skateaholic

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Joe Skateaholic


Gap enjoys a little relaxation at Preduce skate shop

Gap enjoys a little relaxation at Preduce skate shop

FSP: How are you today?

FSP: How are you today?

DP: I'm alright thank you

FSP: What's your full name?

DP: Panthila Arunchai

FSP: Are you originally from Bangkok?

DP: Yes, I am

FSP: How old are you?

DP: I'm 16

FSP: I am going to ask you a question that everybody probably has asked you. What age did you start skateboarding and why did you start skateboarding?

DP: When I was 15 almost 16 and I skate cause of my ex boyfriend skated!

If first you don't succeed try, try and try again with Gap Dater!

If first you don't succeed try, try and try again with Gap Dater!

FSP: Your boyfriend got you into skateboarding, that's cool! And it sounds like you have recently started skateboarding within the last year? Is this true?

DP: Nah, I started skateboarding since February.

FSP: this year?

DP: I've been skating for like 7-8 months

FSP: Wow, so it's still some what new to you. What do you like about the culture within skateboarding?

DP: Most of skaters are approchable, they're friendly, chill and skateboard its not like other famous sports like football, basketball.

FSP: You're welcome! I agree that skateboarding is very different! Do you play any other sports?

DP: Since I started skate, I quit every sports I've played. What were some of the sports that you have played in the past!?

DP: I've played basketball, badminton, volleyball and bmx. I wasn't good at those sports. Not gonna say that I'm good at skateboarding. I just love it, I guess I skate because it's who I am.

Skate buddies

Skate buddies

FSP: It sounds like you have a personal relationship with skateboarding. What tricks do you like to watch or try.

DP: I wanna try varial heel, backside 180 and kickflip too. I think every tricks, if I can.

FSP: Are there any tricks that you don't like?

DP: I like every tricks!

FSP: Where do you mostly skateboard?

DP: Queens park, its near Phrom Phong station

FSP: Queens skate park has a long list of skateboarders. Who are some of the people there that you like to watch?

DP: Vik and Owen! They're one of my favorite skaters too.

FSP: Really, what do you like about their skating?

DP: I like thier styles and they pop high!

FSP: Who is your favorite pro skateboarder or skateboarders? Do you have any that you like?

DP: Trevor Colden, Grant Taylor and Nick Holt, they're my favorite skateboarders of all time

FSP: Grant Taylor is diffently a name that stands out. What catches your eye about Grant Taylor? Many people have their own personal reasons but I would like to her yours.

DP: I like his style and the way he is, I know him from the DEBACLE video.

FSP: Is the DEBACLE video one of your favorite skate videos?

DP: Yeah,  it is!

Gearing up for a day of skateboarding

Gearing up for a day of skateboarding

FSP: Are you a fan of Nikes too or just the DEBACLE video?

DP: Just the DEBACLE video

FSP: So, Nikes as a shoes dosen't catch your interest. What shoe products are you interested in?

DP: Well, I like Nike but I think I interested in Etnies more

FSP: Is it because of the quality of shoes or the teams that the shoe companies sponsor?

Gap's view of being school Dazed in her classroom!

Gap's view of being school Dazed in her classroom!

DP: Both!

FSP: Who's on the Etnies team that you like?

DP: Chris Joslin 🏽️

FSP: What impresses you about him?

DP: His style, man!

FSP: What about it? Is it his pop, the way he pushes, his clothing or what? I bet it's his clothing!

DP: I like his clothing the most, Yeahhhhh!

FSP: I knew it! That's cool.  So, it sounds like fashion plays a part in your out look towards skateboarding.

DP: I think clothing its one of the most important things in this sport.

FSP: What is some of the worst fashonible things going on in skateboarding? It has to be something that you don't like.

DP: I don't knowhow to say it in English but I think it's called hipster!

FSP: I understand! You don't like the hipster approach to fashion and I don't blame you. I don't like it myself all the time. What's the next thing coming up in fashion for skateboarders? I don't have a clue.

DP: I have no idea! Skateboarding is actually conservative!

FSP: If you think it is conservative now you should of seen the 1990's. Do you think that it should be more open and free?

DP: I think the early skateboards had imagery, but it wasn't really till 90s, when companies started changing out graphics for their pros. But I still think it should be more open to new ideas.

FSP: What are some of your favorite board graphics?

DP: Tom Penny (flip), Baker, TRK and Skate Mental! I like Skate Mental for sure!

FSP: What do you like about Tom Penny?

DP: I like Tom Penny board and his nice graphics.🏼

FSP: Did you get a chance to skate this weekend?

DP: Every damn day! Oh well, school starts tomorrow, sucks🏼!

FSP: At your age I would think that it would be the time of your life. What sucks about school?

Gap Dater  and the ladies with their 4 wheels!

Gap Dater and the ladies with their 4 wheels!

DP: Everything. school rules, teachers and some friends. I always wanna talk about skateboarding but no one skates at my school.

FSP: What grade are you in?

DP: grade 11

FSP: You'll be finish soon! What are you going to do after high school?

DP: I think I won't find a job or go to university after I finish. I'll live how I want for a year, not in a hurry.

FSP: Sounds smart take your time! What do you think you'll go to school for eventually?

Gap Dater and her fellow class act

Gap Dater and her fellow class act

DP: Sucks!F$#k school, I'll go skate soon!

FSP: We'll move away from the topic then. Where are you going to go skating today?

DP: QP! Queenspark!

FSP: I think we can bring this to a closing, any shout outs or thank yous to any people out there?

DP: Thanks P'Janchai, Peter, Berd, Geng, Es, Kie, Owen for supporting me and always teach me tricks, all of my homies at queens park and IKEA

FSP: Awesome! Take care and thank you!

Images provided by Gap Darter

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Gap Darter



professional adjustments, business before pleasure

professional adjustments, business before pleasure

FSP: What is your name and how are you doing today?

SB: My name is cthulhu and you are all my slaves

FSP: Wow! Now tell us how you really feel!

SB: Feel like sleeping more ZzzzzZzZZzzzzzz

FSP: How has life been treating you and what have you been doing lately?

SB: Life has been doing me well, I'm trying to work alot lately, gotta stack those pieces of paper.

FSP: What kind of work do you do?

SB: I'm currently an ESL teacher but I'm stepping up to stripping soon here.

FSP: Stripping? Sounds like fun! Are you going to be stripping for men,women or ladyboys? Could there be room for all three? I am trying not to choke from laughing right now! Give me a second.

SB: Strictly for the ladies my good man!

FSP: What's a typical day for you?

SB: Wake up, Shower, Eat some tang, Go twerk for chips, Get back to my lair, Shower, Skate or drink, Blaze,Watch a movie and zzzZZZzZZzzzzzZ!

One letter can say it all, S!

One letter can say it all, S!

FSP: That seems simple but yet functional. Is your life in Thailand simple for the most part?

SB: Yes and that's why I love it. I'm not at a point where I have to look hard for the things that make me happy and that's where I want to be.

FSP: Your name is Sterling Burke, how did you get the name Sterling? It's  more common than I thought actually.

SB: I happen to find it very uncommon as I have never met one named "Sterling" and I named myself in the womb.

FSP: What's your middle name and facebook search has showed me the commonality of the name?

SB: James and fuck facebook!

FSP: I agree, facebook is a microchip of media. But I must admit, I'll milk it for what it's worth and it's not much.

SB: Milk and cookies

FSP: You live in The Land of Smiles/ Thailand but where are you originally from?

SB: I hail from Portland, Maine

Skateboarding injuries, mishaps and regrets are like water under a bridge as S aka Sterling Burke smith grinds away.

Skateboarding injuries, mishaps and regrets are like water under a bridge as S aka Sterling Burke smith grinds away.

FSP: Maine? Is it true that McDonalds sells lobster burgers there? I was told this by a guy who used to live there.

SB: Not sure! But as far as skating goes for today, I hurt myself pretty well last night I'm going to rest today.

FSP: You said that you hurt yourself skating, how did that happen?

SB: Being bad at skateboarding.

FSP: What trick did you hurt yourself on?

SB: A smith, a back tail, and a pebble got me

FSP: The ol' deadly pebble! Those little devils will get you everytime.

FSP: Did you twist your ankle or was it a nasty fall?

SB: All pretty nice slams, no joint action thankfully.

Professional Teacher S and his student during grading time.

Professional Teacher S and his student during grading time.

FSP: That's good and infact that's great! They are the worse. Where do you normally skateboard at?

SB: I skate wherever the wind blows bro

FSP: How has it been blowing recently?

SB: Not so often

FSP: Do you have a skate park or spot that you like more than the other?

SB: Eggs in Boston , 8riew in Thailand, and Rye airfield in New Hampshire

FSP: Since you have lived in Bangkok have you kept up with any of your skate buddies on the East coast of America?

SB: 90% of them quit, I surround myself with winners not quitters.

FSP: What's your take on the skateboarding scene in Thaialand or America? Also, do you even care?

SB: I skate for me but I follow a few skaters who catch my eye such as Cody McEntire, Chris Joslin, Dave Bachinksy, Appleyard as well as some others. Skate scenes amd cliques aren't for me. Might be because I don't get a long with others.

FSP: What makes you think that you don't get a long with others?

SB: I'm a bit to rough around the edges to be a puzzle piece hehehe.

FSP: You have lived in Thailand for a bit. How long have you been in Bangkok?

SB: Got here in 2008 so 7 years going on 8

FSP: How old were you when you came here?

SB: Too young to know that college might have helped

FSP: I understand, I also think it's better for someone to become trusty for knowledge instead of just taking action because at that age it's the thing to do. If you would go to college what would you go to school for?

SB: Yup, now I don't have a magical piece of paper that says I'm "qualified". Hmmmm psychology, anthropology, biology, languages and some other drool subjects I guess

FSP: Okay, sounds like you have an idea about what you want and that will take you far. Do you have any hobbies outside of skateboarding?

360 flip

360 flip

SB: I like trying new food and beer, traveling, learning new things, martial arts and working out, books sometimes and hoe hoe hoessssss.

FSP: It sound like you know how to keep your self busy and I don't think you are talking about Hostess cupcakes! It doesn't matter either one taste delicious.

SB: Scrumdiddlyumpcious

FSP: You skated the new Hua Mak set up at the park yesterday, how was it?

SB: Very nice, it's good to see Thailand stepping up its skatepark game

FSP: How is it compared to Hua Mak's last skatepark set up?

SB: Last setup sucked balls, this one doesn't.

FSP: What kind of obsticles do you like to see at a skatepark?

SB: I skate everything and anything

FSP: You are an all terrain vechile! Is there anything that you will not skate? I am asking because I have seen some weird and out of place obsticles at certain skateparks.

SB: Usually just give everything a try, makes me more well rounded

FSP: I see, I posted a video of you on our MeanWhile page, it was your Skate Planet segement. How did that come about?

SB: P beer was at rama 8 filming and he asked if I wanted to get some clips. Fun funnn

FSP: How many days did it take to complete your part?

SB: I've never made a part and I would personally judge it by how much fun I had and not time.

FSP: Ok, interesting way to think about it. Were you part of someone else segment? I think it had a few people in it?

SB: Just got some clips in a montage.

FSP: What are some of your favorite videos to film for? You have been in a few videos.

SB: Control freaks! Your deal was the most real to me.

FSP: Thanks!

SB: Its all good

outward opinions

outward opinions

FSP: Any skate videos that are in your list of favorites? What are your top 5 skateboarding  videos?

SB: Menikmati, Sorry, Top dollar, Forecast, Battalion soooo good!

FSP: Battalion, isn't that a Dark Star video?

SB: Yep, all the dudes rip!

FSP: I have only watched parts of it but what I do remember was pretty good skating.

SB: I rewatched it for days

FSP: You have lived in Thailand for some time now. Is there any other places around the world you would like to check out in the future?

SB: South America

FSP: Why south America?

SB: Japan, Mongolia, Europe and ect! Anywhere I can get to man!

FSP: Why are you interesreted in these places too! Do they have any special connections for you?

SB: Nope! Just want to travel everywhere and Japan though because it's Japan.

FSP: Would you like to skate there as well or just do some sight seeing?

SB: Both for sure

FSP: Have you check out or seen any of the skate spots that these countries offer?

SB: Of course

FSP: What would be your number one selection for a country, as in you have one plane ticket any where and $1,500.00 USD and free place to stay.

SB: Japan all the way!

FSP: Japan?

SB: Puss

FSP: Okay, you like their special cat breeds, I see! Is this true?

SB: Yes

FSP: Are you into cats?

SB: Wet cats, man!

FSP: Must be a new urban slang, I'll look into it. Are you still not skateboarding today?

SB: No, my legs are jep!

FSP: Are you still feeling injured?

SB: Not really, just skated a lot yesterday too!

FSP: It's always good to take a rest every now and then! What's the one trick that gets your goat, everybody has one? I am just curious to know what's yours.

confronting the confronter

confronting the confronter

SB: Anything bigspin or bigflip

FSP: What gets you about those tricks, the balance or is it the spin?

SB: If I knew I could do them

FSP: Who among the skateboarding professional circut can do them well?

SB: Luan Olivera does every trick well

FSP: He is pretty talented, didn't he win the last Tampa pro contest?

SB: I dont follow contests really

FSP: Why don't you follow contest and other events?

SB: Not really one to stick my head up famous people's asses

FSP: I see and that is an understatement!

SB: Too many nimrods thinking famous people and professional athletes are gods

FSP: I agree, there needs to be a reality check with ones self at some point! If you had 24 hours to live who would you screw and what would be the last thing that you would do?

SB: I would get too drunk too remember anything and die

FSP: So, you go out with a bang?

SB: Also, Eva Longoria is my pick.

FSP: I know who Eva Longoria is. I see but aren't you afraid that she'll destory you? She's been know to date a few younger guys! She might be a super cougar for you.

SB: I would smash harder than the hulk!

FSP: Oh' S smash! Okay, I think we should wrap this up any advice for the eyes and ears of the world? Maybe a shout out here and there?

SB: I like chicken and tacos.

FSP: Sounds great to me, you heard it right hear shout out to chicken and tacos! Thank you Sterling Burke this was fun!

Images provided by Sterling Burkes

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Sterling Burkes


Taking a second to reflex it all!

Taking a second to reflex it all!

FSP: How is your weekend going?Did you do anything special this weekend?

BV: It was my mother's birthday. And my room mates band played a show last night.

FSP: Cool! It is a blessing when your mother sees another day! What band is your roommate in and how did you celebrate your mother's birthday?

BV: I live with Joe Tallman and John Tallman! Joe and I do wettbrain, John is in pink beam and Joe did this poster. My mother and I rode some jet ski's. I also visited with my step father and grandparents at my mom's lake house. I brought my friend Brooke out to meet the folks too. We Played with the dogs and stuff.

FSP: Cool! Sounds like a fun filled day of family and friends! How was wet brain coming along, any new projects lined up?

BV: We're having a little blow out sale soon at krypto I believe. Trying to get rid of out back stock to make way for the new stuff.

Just another day at the skate park!

Just another day at the skate park!

FSP: Cool! Will there be a band or a DJ playing that night?

BV: Bands, I think so and a drink special too.

FSP: Your drawings are cool. Did you do them yourself?

BV: Yeah, I did! Thanks buddy!

FSP: You seem to be into art a lot as well, who are some of their influences?

BV: Raymond pettibone, Mike Mignola, Johnny Negron, Skinner, Tina Lugo, R. Crumb, Richard Corben, Robert Williams, a million more but those are off the top. Also Charles Burns & Daniel Clowes! These dudes write and pencil and ink and set up their own panels and color schemes or at least to my knowledge they do on most of their projects.

FSP: Does your love of art influence your love of skateboarding and if so, how?

BV: It would have to be the other way around! Just like discovering music from awesome skateboard tapes. I find really great art through skateboarding. My dream job would have to be to do design work for the skateboard industry.

FSP: What kind of job would you like to have in the industry? As in what would you like to do?

BV: Board and shirt design or maybe art director for a company! Well printing and pressing boards would be rad too. Designing shoes would be great too, magazine ads and stuff like that. Really anything visual and skateboarding!

FSP: I think that would be fun too, my friend James Ford used to work for affiliate skateboards. He always said it was a lot of fun. How did your T-shirt company Wet Brain come about?

BV: It's with two t's! Wett brain!

FSP: okay, Wett Brain!

BV: I've wanted to start up a t shirt company fresh out of high school, but I didn't have the knowledge or connections I needed. So, I forgot about it until a few years back. And things just sort of fell into place!

FSP: How did you come up with the name Wett Brain?

Brandon's handy work from his artisic eye!

Brandon's handy work from his artisic eye!

BV: Dirk was saying it a lot when we would start drinking; "let's get wettbrain tonight"!  Stuff like that, it just sort of stuck out. My first name idea when I was 18 was fodadohfosho!

FSP: Interesting, what are some of the concepts and ideas behind Wett Brain?

BV: It's simpler than that. It's an outlet for me and joe to have fun visually. Make something for friends and others to wear and learn from the process.

FSP: Do you have a website or Facebook page?

BV: Fb & big cartel but that's under construction.

FSP: Okay, what can we expect out of Wett Brain in the near future?

BV: Well, we have that show coming up to help the older stuff sell. Then we plan on releasing some new designs. Trying not to sleep on it and keep it moving.

FSP: Great, keeping products and production active is the key! Where are you located now days?

BV: I'm downtown! Madison and Lafayette!

FSP: How is Madison, Wisconsin treating you? I used to live there so I am trying to see if I can relate!

BV: No, no, the street I live off of is named Madison street!

FSP: Okay, I see! In what city?

BV: Rockford

FSP: Oh, yes! Rockford, Illinois!

FSP: Didn't you live in Chicago at one point in time? What happen with that?

BV: Two separate times and many week vacations! I just didn't find my personal groove there. I couldn't grow so I had to go! Ya know what I mean?

FSP: I hear you, there is a lot of grooving going on in the city and it is hard to find the stability of the groove. My older brother once said, the difference between Chicago and Rockford is that Chicago people want you to take on their plans and Rockford people want you to tell them what is their plan! Being from both cities it makes a lot of since to me.

BV: I would love to get a farm house with a big barn and just use it as a creative compound. Ramp in the barn movies out side and inside. Have a printing area, Jam space art studio. Grow some plants.

FSP: That sounds like lot of fun!

BV: Yeah! Enough space for all the homies and new friends!

FSP: Rockford would be an ideal place for this or slightly outside of it. Create awesome stuff and live the way you choose!

Brandon Vance on the big screen at the 2013 Akuna video premiere.

Brandon Vance on the big screen at the 2013 Akuna video premiere.

BV: New Milford is a place that I like and Oregon park is pretty close too. People could plan trips out to the land!

FSP: That would work perfectly! How often do you skate now of days and who do you skate with?

BV: I skate when it makes sense. I really love doing it still and who ever is around.

FSP: It sounds like you skateboard when you feel like it. Is this true?

BV: I think that's the point! That's how it always has been. Just being older makes it so I do it a little less than I used to.

FSP: I can understand that! With so may years under your belt on a skateboard you have nothing to prove to anyone, not even yourself!

BV: I skate to keep my body and the 12 year old me alive!

FSP: I see and why not!

FSP: When you are not skating what types of activities are you into? Art seems to be one of them is there anything else?

Wett Brain t-shirt

Wett Brain t-shirt

BV: Well, We're putting together a zine right now

FSP: We who and what can we expect from it?

BV: Me, Joe and Nabeel but we're trying to have who ever wants to be apart of it with valid content be in it. Like jack from mary's place might do an article and have Mary's ads! It's just a local zine to involve and inform the community! Art, music, skating, food and general awesomeness!

FSP: Sounds exactly what this area needs. It could also lead to big projects in the future too. Is it going to be a monthly magazine? Is it Confidential or is it too early to say? If so I understand.

BV: Well we are in the discussion phase so we really can't say much yet. It will be monthly though.

FSP: Okay, I understand business is business. You were in a pretty bad ass video which was put out by your friends and you a little over a year ago. What's the name of your crew again?

BV: Akuna is what they go by. The video is self titled and is really fun. My part other than sharing it with Matt King is pretty boring.

FSP: Nah, I don't think so you did some neat unexpected tricks. I liked the video too, it's part of my skateboard DVD collection. How did you guys come up with the name Akuna?

BV: I'm pretty sure it was Zack possibly, Danny who titled the crew roughly around the Lion King "no worries" idea. But, they decided to go with akuna rather than akuma spelling.

FSP: What people make up the enter Akuna crew?

BV: I wouldn't be the member to ask these questions to, to be honest.

FSP: You guys put out your first crew video is there a second video to come?

BV: Again, I'm the wrong guy to be asking these questions to. I don't have a clue what's going on.

FSP: Ummmmm........I see! What is your take on the skate scene in Rockford or do you evening care? The reason why I am asking is because there seems to be a lot of complaining. I believe the state that you dwell in is in your own hands. What do you think?

BV: Ummmmm........I am sorry if my questions fail to interest you. Okay! Next one you have an unusual ear for music. You also mention that music from skateboarding videos can influence your interest in music. What bands or groups have your interest lately?

Imagination is everything and Brandon displays his with an illustration.

Imagination is everything and Brandon displays his with an illustration.

BV: Oh, man. No way! I've been tied up a bit. I didn't mean to be rude.

BV: Do you see the spot?

FSP: Yes, what is it?

BV: Not sure. Saw it at a light. I found a bunch of spots

FSP: Sick! It looks like a manual pad and then a fire hydrant!

BV: Ollie onto the pad then over the hydrant

FSP: Damn! Cool shit!

BV: As far as skateboarding, I don't really care about the jock mindset that seems to be dominant but I'll always care about community and growth. I would like to start a board company out here and have events that bring everyone together. Music is always circulating. Every genre has its offerings and I do my best to keep interested. I've been listening to The Smiths. It's nostalgic and the weather is perfect for nostalgia.

FSP: There is glory within melancholy. I think The Smith's express this the best. What's your favorite The Smith's song? Or are you more of a Morrissey fan?

BV: Sorry about the response delays. Been pretty busy. I prefer The Smiths. Handsome devil used to be my favorite now I just play what ever and enjoy it.

FSP: No worries, Morrissey came to Chicago last month. I had a chance to get tickets but my dogs vet bills needed to be paid. You also go to a lot of shows and concerts too. What's your most impressive show that you have been seen?

BV: Any Ty Segall shows. I saw the Oh Sees and met Brigid Dawson, gave her a Wettbrain hoodie too. I've been to so many shows it's hard to say.

FSP: That's cool! Not to many people can say that! I got to get a t-shirt myself.

BV: Saw Black Sabbath a few years back too. That was amazing.

FSP: I want to ask you about your skateboarding section in the Akuna video. How long did it take you to put together your part? It was really impressive.

BV: Thanks for the compliment, but it was pretty weak in my opinion. It was just summer footage.

FSP: Well, it looked like you enjoyed skateboarding and it was creative too.

BV: I had fun filming it for sure. I wish I had someone to film with still.

FSP: A good woman is hard to find, a good filmer is even harder! What are some of your ideal skate spots if you had a personal filmer?

BV: Well, the ditch! That's the spot and the wall ride by Kegles bike shop!

FSP: It sounds like you are a fan of natural transition. Is this true?

BV: Yes, sir! I like it very much.

FSP: With so many skateboard companies coming and going all the time, what do you look for in a skateboard company? Feel free to name a few to give us a better idea.

Suprise it's Brandon Vance

Suprise it's Brandon Vance

BV: I love hook ups and Jim Greco makes awesome stuff on the side too. Jim and Jeremy from hook ups do a thing called jk industries.

FSP: Hook ups as in Jeremy Klien's company?

BV: Yes

FSP: What's JK industries, I have not heard of it?

BV: Jim and Jeremy's combined efforts as a skateboard company!

FSP: Okay! They are two different individuals. I couldn't amagine them working together now. Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

BV: They seem to have a strong friendship and passion for the skateboard.

FSP: You also mentioned something under the lines of you wanting to do a board comany, what direction of life envoling skateboarding would it have incorporated within the company?

FSP: I'm not sure that I understand the question.

BV: I would name the project Man Child skateboards. And I've been looking into boards and a way I could print the graphics by hand.

FSP: Sick! That would be different and you answered my screwy questioned right! Would it have the same artistic look and approach as Wett Brain?

BV: No, that's a collaborative effort with me and Joe.

FSP: Okay, what would Man Child skateboards bring to the skateboarding world that isn't already here? Anything besides the crafty hand printed graphics?

BV: Nothing, skateboarding doesn't need to be reinvented. Just a little love. I just want to add to the community and make for a way for the local skate scene to grow.

FSP: I like that! I think we can wrap up the interview if you like, is that okay.

BV: It's your interview, I'm just proud to be apart of it. Thank you.

FSP: Well, I would like for you to give thanks or shout out to friends and family!

BV: Thank you skateboarding and anyone who had directly effected my life in a positive way.

FSP: Okay, there it is! Thank you for being apart of this interview Mr. Brandon Vance!

BV: Thanks for having me.

FSP: Take care!

Images provided by Brandon Vance

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Brandon Vance


A true representation of home!

A true representation of home!

FSP: What's your name?

TH: Terrence Hill but everybody calls me Hill though!

FSP: Where are you from?

TH: Philly aka Philadelphia!

FSP: Did you grow up in West Philadelphia or South Philadelphia?

TH: Mainly west Philly but im from east falls projects in west Philly! Near Roxborogh Manyunk and Ridge ave

FSP: How was it growing up out there?

TH: It wasn't bad, kinda fun doing shit kids do!

FSP: Did you grow up with any brothers and sister out there too?

TH: No, I'm an only child but I got an aunt my age and she's like my sis.

FSP: That's cool, family is important. How has life been lately?

TH: Chilling, I live in New York now. I am about to go back to film school, trying to skate when possible and doing music too.

Terrence is just one of pieces of the puzzle that make up the hip-hop group Lost Children Of Babylon

Terrence is just one of pieces of the puzzle that make up the hip-hop group Lost Children Of Babylon

TH: Still writing as apart of Lost Children Of Babylon and New York is dope also.

FSP: Sounds like life is going well for you as of now. What film school are you going to attend?

TH: Maybe the film academy or one program at C.U. N.Y. Sorry, I was peeping the honeys just now.

FSP: Nice!

TH: New York city is crawling with cuties, I remember. But school's my main goal right now and yes you are right it's full of pretty women. I want to be enrolled by the fall.

FSP: What do you want to do after Film School?

TH: Direct probably got some sci reality projects I wanna do in the future. I am not really sure yet, I'll figure it out.

FSP: How did you get into film and movies?

TH: Skateboarding! I have always being interested in cameras, videos and how it looks. I love movies too. I used to draw but film is a different medium of art for me.

FSP: What are your top 5 movies?

TH: Matrix, Star Wars, Phsyco,  Freddy vs Jason, the Halloween series and Hellraisr

FSP: Oh, you are really into scfi and thrillers/horror films?

TH: Yeah, a lot. I'm into good special effects and mystries too.

FSP: Okay, I see.

TH: A good story line makes a great film for sure.

FSP: IndeedWhat are your top 5 worst films?

TH: Hmm there's a lot of corny films out there.One of them is Leprechaun!

FSP: Do you have 4 more?lol

TH: Toxic Avenger, Scream, I know What You Did Last Summer, L.L. Cool J and that shark movie and Snakes On A Plane.

FSP: There we go 6 awesomely horibble films!lol How has skateboarding been?

Ollie airwalks in the city of brotherly love!

Ollie airwalks in the city of brotherly love!

TH: I haven't skated in NY since I been here. I did some just a little bit in the beginning. Skating in N.Y. brings back memories from back in the day. When we used to come up here to skate and chill. I am about to get a set up though. A new deck and everything! I been working a lot as a cook, making Israeli food.

FSP: Nice, tasty meals I am sure! How did you get that job?

TH: On Craigslist!

FSP: Wow, that's a come up! You were blessed/lucky.

TH: It's pretty cool, I'm just trying to do the right thing keep the gods wit me at all times. Trying to get a spot in NY and it's kinda expensive.

FSP: I am sure it is, New York city is anything but cheap.

TH: Should've moved here years ago

FSP: I hear you! I just sent this to a friend, try to yield! Supporting forces maybe trying to guide you. People often fight against their own support systems. Society teaches us to be control freaks.

TH: This is how I am trying to live my life right now. Word! You are so right bro, I'm doing what I gotta do, not what I want to do. 

FSP: That's the best way to live out life and the rest will come.

TH: Word, stop going against universal law.

FSP: Yes, going against it will always get me into trouble.

TH: True. It has for me in the past. I want my journeys to continue on the path of least resistance.

FSP: I understand totally, how has your hip-hop group Lost Children Of Babylon been doing?

TH: Good, I'm sort of estranged right now, not in a bad way. I am just trying to achieve some personal goals for myself.

FSP: So, it sounds like music isn't the first thing on your list but it's not forgotten, is this right?

TH: Music is important too but spirituality and foundation comes first. Music is just the forum to speak to the masses.

FSP: What messages or issues do you give out in your music?

TH: Just to get in tune with the spirit and not let the earthy energies dominate higher self, being aware is to be alive! Bringing thought in physical reality is one gift. We have I wanna preserve that gift.

FSP: I see turning ideas into physical properties. Do you believe in ALEINS?

TH: It depends on your definition, I believe in beings that exist in different forms and densities.

FSP: Okay, do think some of them are present amongst us.

TH: Yes, all around us.

FSP: I can understand where you're coming from. There is a lot that we don't know about our planet and environments.

 Terrance Hill is on the go in or out of  Philadelphia!

Terrance Hill is on the go in or out of Philadelphia!

TH: I don't really speak on certain topics, people will judge you on subjects because they are unaware.

FSP: I hear you. We can leave it at that.

TH: That's where film comes into play for me!

FSP: And that's what Television and media is ideas and beliefs that are giving to us.

TH: Yeah but they abuse it tremendously as you can see.

FSP: Like any technology, it can be utilized for good or evil.

TH: Media is controlled though for mind manipualtion!

FSP: And that is what I wanted to display in my Television(Tell/lies/Visually) video. The truth behind our out look on life's issues of today.

TH: That's what's up, bangin!

FSP: I didn't just want to show another cool skateboard video focusing on just tricks but a learning lesson too.

TH: You was with back in the day at Love park. We were always building on the science in the dorms too.

FSP: Yes, I remember. I would come back to the Chicago area and tell my family about the Nation of Gods and Earths, not eating meat and different beings that vibrate on different frequencies. My family and friends thought I was going through a faze.lol Some of my brothers get me know, we see eye to eye on many topics now.lol

TH: Right! My peeps thought I was crazy when I turned vegetarian.

FSP: I understand!

TH: Now they understood it, I explained things to them and it made sense.

FSP: It takes times for people to understand your out look on life. Like minds have to be adjusted with time. How does it feel to be part of something ledgendary, like DGK!

TH: I feel fortunate to have been blessed with awareness. It's also crazy to me too.

FSP: It's awesome and I love telling people that I know and knew you guys. I remember reading Stevie Williams slap amature section in science class in High School and he would give you guys shout outs in the magazine. About a year later, I am kicking it a Love park and I am talking to you guys when it was my first year in Philadelphia. I never knew you guys were the DGK crew.lol

DGK crew on deck!

DGK crew on deck!

TH: We as guys was just doing what we enjoyed, chillin and skateboarding.

FSP: And that's what made it ledgendary. It's nothing fake and it has roots.

TH: That crazy! I still remember it a lot, we kicked it with u all the time. You were squad too!

FSP: I was pleased to be with African American skateboarders that shared the same things and activites. I was a rare breed in the 90's, living in Rockford, Il.

TH: Word! That's what's up

FSP: You guys did your share of chillin but would pull out some tricks when it was time to skate or film. I saw your photo in Thrasher back then and I didn't see you skate all summer that year. It really shocked me to see you in Thasher magazine! Your photo was of you doing a nollie 180 to switch krook at Love park on the fountain ledges. Also Love park was amazing right outside my college dorms. Every session their was like a skate video. Is it true that you guys cut down the bushs around the ledges at Love to make them skateable?

TH: Yes, we did that too. And we used to shovel snow in the winter at Love park.

FSP: How far did some of you guys live from Loves park?

TH: It's weird, skating became second nature for me. That's why I love it.

FSP: Practise makes perfect!

TH: In west Philly it's a half-hour skate to Love park. But we stayed downtown a lot at Ricky Oyola's house, Matt reason and different people we knew. Okay, so far but not far enough to wear you out. We had all the energy in the world and it was down hill. A lot of people don't know it but the DGK crew had a lot of people from different racial back grounds too. Yeah love park and skating exposed us to different people.

FSP: It was at a young age and that's what made it cool.

TH: Yeah, it was cool!

FSP: I owe Philadelphia a big thank you. The city and the east coast gave me style. It shaped my skating and out look on skateboarding.

TH: Word, that's what's up! Now you in the far east.lol

FSP: I was skating in Bangkok with some friends and one of them said, you skate like an east coast skateboarder. I stated I am from Chicago, I can't skate like an east coast skater. And then I thought about it..... I did take on the mid 90's east coast approach to skateboarding. I still do mainly nollie and switch tricks. My grip tape job with the crooked edge, I copied that from Jaeson years ago.lol

Terrence Hill and his crew!

Terrence Hill and his crew!

FSP: How often do you talk to some of the original memebers of DGK?

TH: Online mostly when I can. Just simple facebook chats.

FSP: Okay, I saw Jaeson last year in Philadelphia at Love park. I also talked to John Puca from time to time. He's in a segment of bobshirt.com with Jimmy Chung. I know you are having a great time in New York but what do you miss about Philadelphia?

TH: Everything Philly I miss, it's just unique and Jaesun just came up to new York in June.

FSP: Name a food that someone should eat when they come to Philadelphia!

TH: You already know, a soft pretzel! Everybody says cheesteak but never had a soft pretzel, no where else as good and unique as Philly.

FSP: What's something that people should do in Philadelphia?

TH: Go and visit the historical sites of philly.  It has got a lot of history and the Masonic Lodge across from city hall and it's a must! And hit up Love park while you are around!

FSP: I have been to the Masonic Lodge twice when I went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, it has some interesting rooms. The tour guide told us all questions would be answered at the end of the tour. At the end of the tour he broke out of there like a bat out of hell!lol He was no where to be found!

TH: Yeah right, they don't say too much! lmao Yeah, it's funny you should've been there with us the guy was kinda shook we knew so much.

FSP: I bet he was!lol Yeah, it's a lot of cool stuff to see in philly, though the city all in all is chill but it can get wild too! Philly can get wild! I never had to deal with any crazy stuff but my roommates got stuck up a few times by 15 and 16 year old stick up kids in North Philly. Shoes, coats and wallets! They took everything from them in the middle of winter.

TH: Damn, that's crazy. I got had my share of those coming up, you learn how not to get caught sleeping!

FSP: Yeah, I hear you. I remember you telling me some wild stories things to happen to you guys.

TH: You got to stay on your toes.

FSP: Yeah man! As someone who has seen skateboarding start at Love park and you seen how it has exploded with the media all these years, how has skateboarding changed or how is it the same in your eyes?

TH: It definitely more exposed now than it was years ago, skating became a trend so to speak but it was always there in the shadows the trick got a lot crazier and cat are definitely more consistent.

FSP: It's crazy to visit Love now and see that it's still full of kids hype to skate it and still running from the cops too.lol

TH: Yeah, it's crazy Love still the same just the people changed.

FSP: How did you get into skateboarding?

TH: Oh' my hood, everyone was into riding bmx bikes and stuff like that. I used to go to 7eleven and look at bmxplus magazines. Everyone got into getting trick bikes and learning tricks on them. One day I saw a Transworld mag and  picked it up and seen people doing skateboard tricks. I wanted to learn and I saw the Thrashin movie. I dedicated myself to learn how to skate I thought it was crazy when I seen an Ollie. I wanted to learn, one day I seen Rasul skating he did an Ollie. I asked him how to do it. I learned fast, eventually I went to Love and never looked back. That was about 1989-90

FSP: I have always considered Rasul to be the DGK godfather. How is he these days?

TH: He is cool he lives in ATL(Atlanta) now. That's the DGK god father I guess. DGK was actually made up by John Puca as a joke one summer, we were all dirty and sweaty from skating all day an he said, y'all the DGK! Dirty Ghetto Kids and it stuck with us. Then Steve excelled in skateboarding and became professional and made it the brand it is today. And that's the history!

FSP: If you ever talk to Steve Williams tell him thanks for having my back years ago when I was having an anxiety attack. He kept it cool and help me to keep a cool head. I was really scared and didn't know what was going on at the time. I did to much partying in my college years!lol

TH: I feel you he's a cool humble dude and we all did a lot of partying, back then.

FSP: I told my mother and oldest brother about Steve back then and they blew me off like, cool you have a friend that skateboards and people take pictures of him. That's doesn't pay the rent. He has his head in the clouds! Now, I point to the t.v. Screen and tell them what happens when you make dreams a reality! I am super stoked that he is where he is in life! Good for him.

DGK O.G's Sun and Hill!

DGK O.G's Jaeson(Sun) and Hill!

TH: Most def! Yeah made it do, what it do for the team ...For sure!

FSP: Indeed! I think we can wrap up the interview now,  do you have any last minute words for the younger generations coming up inside or outside the world of skateboarding?

TH: Yeah find something you love to do and you'll never have to work in life" HETEP!

FSP: That's great! Yeah, thanks man! I really appreciate it.

Images provided by Terrance Hill

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Terrance Hill


FSP: what's up and what's your full name? Okay, I already know your full name so I guess I'll ask you where were you born and raised?

SJ: Hello world. My name is Shelly Johnson. A.k.a.....RUIN

FSP: How did you get the name RUIN?

SJ: I came up with the name myself. It has a double meaning. As in " I Ruin a painting or a trick. OR. Are You In, I was trying to be clever.LOL!

FSP: Do you go by that name on stage as well?

SJ: Yes. In the Dread, I go by Ruin the Solecter. I DJ from time to time. It doubles as my alter ego.

FSP: Oh' yes! Tell us all about the Dread. A few people told me that they liked you guys video as an opener to Control Freaks With Transportation's Bangkok street section. What's the Dread and who's in it.

SJ: Hell yeah! The Dread is our band that consists of cast of characters that all connected one way or another through music and skateboarding. Throughout the whole group,weve all known each other for a number of years.

The Greatful Dread

The Greatful Dread

FSP: Who are the members of the group?

SJ: TEAM DREAD is.Lead MC."BILLA CAMP".Myself "RUIN" on backup vocals and creative direction. On guitar "NOLIN SILAS". On backup vocals "WILLIAM SILAS". Dj " ALO". We also have a couple other Mc's that jump on songs with us.

FSP: Is everyone out of Chicago or the Chicago area?

SJ: Yup.

FSP: Okay! Are you guys touring soon or where are you performing next?

SJ: We played last weekend and have a couple dates in June coming up. Were trying to seal some dates out of town. We"ve been going a crazy direction with the newer music.Our live show has easily turned into a party experience. Were trying to find the perfect band to tour with. We really would love to hit the live festivals.Punk/Dance

FSP: How many of you guys skateboard in the group?

SJ: At some point, ALL OF US! lol! Nowadays,I just cruise and try to apprieciate being from the golden era. BILLA is the Karl watson of the crew. Manny killer. We all still push tho.

FSP: You used to have a few sponsers in the past. Who were some of your past sponser?

SJ: Ummmmm. Crazy! I rode a small local shop called BOARD STIF first. Then got flowed by a couple different shops. KELLEY's,PUSH,RQ,and the UPRISE family still hook me up when I need it. Some how I got on Sketchers! Dont ask.LOL! I was on ADIDAS for a few years before they went full fledge withe skate division.I got DC flow kicks for a bit too. I swore I was Stevie.

just one of Shelly Johnson's many Transworld Skateboarding photos over the years

just one of Shelly Johnson's many Transworld Skateboarding photos over the years

FSP: You have had a few photos in Transworld skateboarding magazine. How many times have you been in Transworld and how did that come about?

SJ: Yeah. I was lucky enough to be around for a couple of tours passing through town. At that time, I was skating downtown a ton! It was just right place, right time kinda deal. I was on my game too!

FSP: How many times are you in different skate magazines?

SJ: About 5 times. Different publications.

FSP: That's awesome I knew about two of them but not the other three. Did you keep any of the magazines?

SJ: I have them in a box at my parents crib . Somewhere.

FSP: Which one is your favorite?

SJ: I don't know. I like them all. Feels good. Being interviewed feels pretty cool too!

FSP: I can understand that. Do you still see any of the old down town crew around Chicago still.

SJ: Yeah! All the time at events and at Uprise skate shop.

Displaying the skills on the embankment

Displaying the skills on the embankment

FSP: That's cool! What was it like skating down back then? I was told it would be like 30 of you guys all crewed up. I remember the Chicago Transworld article in 1995. it was sick Reggie, Jr and many others had photos.

SJ: Yeah. There would be huge crews of skaters all around downtown. We would get kicked out, but go to the store and come right back. I went to the county for skating. Crazy! Super fun though. Not so cliquey. All about the homies, tricks, party's, and all around good time.

FSP: What was that about, do you care to explain?

SJ: I just feel skating has evolved. Times change. EVOLUTION.

FSP: Is there somethings about the EVOLUTION that you don't like?

SJ: Naaaaaaa. I love all skating. Young skaters everywhere need to respect their elders. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

FSP: You are pretty handy with a paint brush, how did you get into painting?

SJ: I've been into artwork since I was a kid .In the 80s feel in love with KIETH HARINGS style of bold lines. Graffiti was always something that I loved, I never really went out and bombed or anything. I have tons of friends that killed though. I was always decent with portraits. Pre 911, I had a crazy dream for shadowing the event. After that I developed a style similar to the bold work I had been influenced by before. I called it RUIN. I've supporting myself strictly through art and random jobs.

Live and direct right before the people at a live show

Live and direct right before the people at a live show

FSP: Do you have any other artist besides Kieth Haring that you look up to out there?

SJ: I like Twist a lot. Andy Jenkins, Shepherd Farey, a few random others.

FSP: As an artist and a skater is there any relations between the two?

SJ: I've always liked Evan Hecox too! Girl and Chocolate rules.

FSP: What catches your eye about Girl and Chocolate?

SJ: Skateboarding is an art form. Every skater has their own individual take on how they like to skate. It's all up to interpretation like art.

FSP: I can agree with that, there may not be a right or wrong way. There may just be an interpetation.

SJ: Evan Hecox has been the main artist for those companies for a long time. He executes a good feeling throughout his different series. Bold and beautiful. Very simple sometimes. Just enough to make a statement. Like jazz.Stereo sound agency rules too!

FSP: You told me who are some of your favorite artist but who are some of your favorite hip-hop artist or music groups?

On stage with The Dread

On stage with The Dread

SJ: Ummmmmmmm. That's a really hard question. I like all sorts of music . That's pretty cliche, but true. I'm gonna keep it simple and say I'm open to all music except techno and bad pop.

FSP: Even country? I am joking to each it's own!

SJ: Country can be good sometimes. Johnny cash is a beast!

FSP: Yes, Cash is good. As I glanced across your art work I noticed a lot of interesting stuff. What direction do you see yourself going artisticly?

SJ: Artistically? I'm starting to feel a new level of confidence with more and more of my style. I'm known for a lot of portrait work but I'm really ready to venture out more with this abstract wildness. It's similar to some of the other stuff, but way more emotions and freedom. I think that's a feeling that comes with age. I'm ready to let the real "RUIN" loose on fools. There's a lot that I try to hide from people and just keep smiling. The smile works some times, but people take the smile for a weakness.

Grateful Dread show

Grateful Dread show

SJ: I also gotta add this in here about music. I'm loving "Run the Jewels". Kendrick kills. Most J dilla. You know this! DE LA to the death. Pac div, Phantogram, and most bangin tracks. I fucks with Robin thicke, Amy Whinehouse, and of course skateboard P!

FSP: Interesting display of music and they are very nice on the ear as well. Do you want to give any special shout out before we close the interview?

SJ: Check this out! First issue. Just came out today. Lol! And I'm getting interviewed for yours too! We are officially live ya'll, check out the first issue of blue lines: go to " www.lines.blue " print copies will be distributed very soon thank you to all of the contributing artists and special gratitude to Katie Belanger for putting in some serious time and creativity for the spread, Quinn Cory!

the world of Shelly Johnson is always artsticly displayed

the world of Shelly Johnson is always artsticly displayed

FSP: Cool! I'll plug it into the interview!

SJ: I got a couple pieces in this Okay. So u want me to wrap it up?

FSP: Sure, shout outs!

SJ: I wanna send out love to my mom's and pops (Gloria and AL) for raising me right and teaching me respect. Also big ups to my Aunt's ( Mary and Penny) for all the times they got me outta shit. I have to say them cuz if it wasn't for those ladies, I would have never been able to be a skateboarder. I can't forget my true skate homies from over the years. It's been a long cruise and we're just getting started. Shout outs to the ( Urbanites) and all boys across the world. Keep rockin. Thank you!

FSP: And we are thankful for your time!

SJ: Peace!

Images provided by Shelly Johnson

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Shelly Johnson


Beeralicious with Danny Burger

Beeralicious with Danny Burger

FSP: How are you and how has life been for you?

DB: I am great. Loving my job, the people around me, and of course skateboarding. Life growing up for me wasn't bad; I just kind of had an "abnormal" childhood. I was a homeschooled Air Force brat. Best part of it was being able to see places like Guam.

FSP: How was it living in Guam and what stands out in your mind about the island?

DB: Living in Guam was amazing. It was beautiful there and to top it off that is where I was introduced to skateboarding. But the thing I remember most about Guam was being able to hike every weekend to some "secret" snorkeling spot. One place we hiked to was called "Double Reef" and when we got there we could dive down 60+ feet in between the two reefs. Crystal clear water that was 80 degrees year round. It was paradise.

FSP: Do you have any plans of visiting again?

DB: I would love to visit there again but If I was to go out of country I would want to visit London because that's where I was born. We moved when I was still a baby so I don't remember what it was like.

FSP: Oh' really? I didn't know this. I have been to London once, pretty much passing through on my way to Ireland. It is obvious were America got there first ideas from you can see it when you go there. Do you keep up with your family from London?

DB: I don't have any family in London because I was an Air Force brat. All my family lives in the States.

FSP: Okay! I fully understand now. How has the being an Air Force brat, how did that shap your life other than allowing you to see different places?

Up and over with Danny Burger!

Up and over with Danny Burger!

DB: Well, there was never a place to really call "home" until my dad got out of the Air Force, so that was kind of weird growing up. I definitely gained the ability to make friends fast though. When you move around as much as I did, it was kind of essential in order to adapt.

FSP: How many different places have you lived in?

DB: Well, counting cities about 8. But over the course of three years living in Jacksonville, FL I moved about 6 times. And I moved that many times when I lived there because I wanted to.

FSP: How was it skating in Jacksonville, FL? Cylde Singleton is from there, I think?

DB: Well, I didn't really skate too much when I lived there, but the few times I did skate there were awesome. Unfortunately I was more into taking any psychedelic I could get my hands on at the time. It wasn't until I moved back to Wisconsin that I really nailed things down for myself. And it also wasn't until then that I really fell in love with skateboarding.

FSP: What drew you into the love of skateboarding?

DB: Probably my search for some individual competition. I wrestled in high school and loved that I had the control over getting better or not. Skateboarding is kind of the same in that way, but it's way more fun because there isn't a win or a loss at the end of the day. It's more about "Did I try to learn something new today?" It has also helped me to stay out of trouble and put my energy towards positivity.

FSP: I understand what you mean it is a fight to produce something that was never present until you produced it at that moment. You hurt yourself months ago how did that happen and I am happy to hear you are on your board again?

DB: Well! I had planned a skate trip to Stevens Point with a bunch of my good friends and the session was going wonderfully. My buddy AJ started skating the 8 stair there and I was feeling pretty confident because I hadn't tried a gap that big. Well I went for it and realized too late that it wasn't going to happen and started to kick my board away. As I was kicking it away I landed on my ankle and rolled it. I didn't think it was that bad and started to push away. Then I look down at my foot and blood is just pouring out of my sock and shoe. I think "Shit, I just broke my foot and there is a bone poking out." Get to the ER and they give me an X-Ray only to find out it's not broken. So why is there a hole in my foot? No one can figure out why so they just stitch it up and send me on my way. Common theory though is that my shoelace is what punctured my foot. And really it's the only thing that makes any sense too. I am back on my board but I will say things aren't the same in my ankle. Stays tight all the time and really hates a lot of impact.

FSP: Have you been taking physical therapy for it?

DB: No, I got some acupuncture when the swelling was really bad but I have just been "self medicating" and stretching it out myself. But it still isn't what it was before the bail.

FSP: My guess from studying antatomy and physiology is that it never will be but you can get it as close to the normal thing as possible. Is that your first injury from skateboarding?

DB: First serious injury. When I was a kid I took a real nice bail while bombing a hill. Got the speed wobbles and threw me right off my board. Ended up with a bunch of road rash and half of an eyebrow though.

FSP: Ouch! That sounds really unforgettable. What tricks have you been working on lately?

DB: I never really go out with an idea of what trick I want to learn. I just go out and skate and if an idea pops up I will try until my legs don't work. But just yesterday I learned fakie fs switch 5-0 on a ledge.

FSP: Great, did it come pretty natural for you or did it take some time to work it in?

DB: Oh, it was maybe an hour. I'm not too sure. But it definitely helped revive the stoke I have been needing. I had kind of been feeling a little down since I had hurt myself. But the stoke is real and the stoke is back! And yes it felt very natural.

Things happen and time heels everything or so they say!

Things happen and time heels everything or so they say!

FSP: What's the name of your board sponsor?

DB: Actual Skateboards and I also skate with a local Madison company/skate crew called Clue Skateboarding.

FSP: How has that been working out for you and how did you get involved with Clue skateboards and Actual Skateboards?

FSP: Well Actual Skateboards has been kind of quiet but that is ok because what my good skating buddie started up is very unique. He paints blank decks with his own art and not one of them is like the other. He is not only a good skater but quite the artist as well. Clue Skateboarding is just a "homie" group in Madison that just so happens to have a lot of, what I think to be, the next great local skaters. I kind of just fell into getting onto the team because we skate together so much. But there are a bunch of talented dudes on that team.

FSP: Sounds like you have good reasons to be busy on your skateboard. Have you and your skate buddies been filming lately?

DB: Not so much for me. I haven't been right since I hurt myself and to be quite honest I like my job as a brewer at Ale Asylum so much that I'm always a tad bit scared to get hurt again. But my goal is to be ready by next spring to start filming again. I have some tricks in mind that just wouldn't work out for me right now.

FSP: I understand it's best to be prepared and ready. Skateboarding is about being physically fit for the performance. Do you have a special filmer that you normally film with or are your filmers pretty random?

DB: Usually, I just film with my buddy Jake Thiede. He is the one who started Clue and I think most filmers get impatient with me.

FSP: Why is this?

DB: Cause, I take forever to land my tricks and I'm the type of person that gets stuck on one trick. I will seriously do the same trick over and over just at different places. I'm a sucker for inward heels right now and backside 180 down stuff. They just keep me stoked!

FSP: I understand that as a skater and a filmer. Sometimes your trick needs an environment to high light it the best. And I think that a filmer should and must have more patients than the skater. Waiting for the right combination is part of his job. Is it the feeling of the trick that you are stoked about?

A mini session at its best with buddies!

A mini session at its best with buddies!

DB: Most definitely.

FSP: I am that way with nollies, I'll nollie something or into something before I will ollie into it. The nollie is a very natural feeling trick for me. Do you and your skate buddies have any road trips coming up for next spring?

DB: Not yet but I would like to plan something.

FSP: Any states or cities in mind?

DB: I kind of want to hit up all of the nice Wisconsin and Minnesota parks. Skate the twin cities too.

FSP: That should be a lot of fun. Have you skated out there before?

DB: No but I have been to quite a few shows in the twin cities and really like the vibe the place gives off.

FSP: Oh' Really? What bands have you  watched preform?

DB: I have seen Between the Buried and Me a couple times and Steven Wilson once.

FSP: How often do you go to shows?

DB: I try to go to at least 3 or so a year.

FSP: Are there any local bands that you would like to have their song or songs in a video part of yours?

DB: I have been thinking of using one of my brother-in-law's songs. He is based in Stevens Point and has teamed up with an amazing vocalist. Check out Kameron Krause. Had to put a shout out in there.

FSP: Can we find him on youtube?

DB: Not on YouTube. But you can find him on Reverbnation.com

FSP: Okay, cool. I'll look him up. Does he skateboard too?

DB: No, he used to skate in-lines but his passion now is music. Which after you hear him, you can understand why. He has some real talent.

FSP: You play an instrument, right?

DB: I dabble with guitar now and then but haven't really put enough time into practicing. I used to play trumpet in high school so I know how to read music. I like to enjoy music and talk about it more now though. I put most of my practicing energy into skateboarding.

DB: I understand, practising music can take up a lot of time.

FSP: You also spend a lot of time at work brewing beer. What are your top 5 beers for recommendation?

DB: This is probably the most difficult question you have asked

FSP: Good! Let me here your answers, we are talking about beer! I am a big fan of it myself. IPA all day for me!

A lovely stroll on a lovely day!

A lovely stroll on a lovely day!

DB: Indra Kunindra (India-style Export Stout) by Ballast Point. Sproose double IPA by Black Husky. Pentagram by Surly. Space Ghost by Central Waters. Satisfaction Jacksin by Ale Asylum. There are soooooo many more. Beers like Sculpin by Ballast Point. The Habanero Sculpin is nice too but has some bite.

FSP: I love these names. I have not heard of these beers at all. I'll be sure to make this list my personal beer hunting list. I am a big fan of dark beer myself.

DB: I have a place for both of them, Pinner by Oskar Blues! I really enjoy bourbon barrel aged stouts

FSP: Stouts are great too.

DB: Central Waters has some of the best I have ever had! Their "Brewers Reserve" series has bourbon barrel aged stouts, scotch ales, and barley wines. It's some knock you on your ass kind of beer. Bedlam by Ale Asylum has one of the best Belgian IPAs I have ever had.

FSP: Do you get to taste the beer after they are brewed?

DB: Oh, yes! I do, It's part of my job. I will get written up if I don't try the beer. It has happened before. I know my job is horrible.

FSP: Sounds like a dream job to me and most people that I know. Sounds like fun!

DB: It is great. Definitely the best job I have ever had. And to top it off my bosses are some of the greatest people I have had the chance to work with. I never thought I would get an opportunity to truly love what I do everyday.

FSP: Cool! Have you studied the history of beer, yet?

DB: Not the history of it so much but I do know it is an ancient drink. It has definitely been around since the time of ancient Egyptians. They did transcribe the first official symbol or word for it.

Musical relaxation!

Musical relaxation!

FSP: Ancient beer that would make a great college course. Have you ever had any encounters with famous people showing up at your job? It's a very popular place.

DB: Well the artist Reverend Horton Heat just played there about a month ago. That was really cool.

FSP: Did you get an autograph?

DB: Naw. It was a beer festival and I was pretty drunk at this point.

FSP: How are you going to survive this winter with all of the snow and freezing air?

DB: How I always do. Keep the mini ramp clear at Monona Skatepark and a trip every other week or so to Cream City. Honestly I need to take it easy this winter to let myself get back to 100%. My ankles need some personal physical therapy.

FSP: You should look up some the exercises on youtube for personal physical therapy. They are very helpful! How do plan on self medicating your ankle, with beer? A nice cold beer will have it ready in no time, right?lol

DB: My plan is to do some exercises to get some ligament strength back. If only the beer worked. I would be beyond 100% if that was the case. Too bad it doesn't work like that!

FSP: Does your girl friend help you out with the physical therapy stretches with the ankle?

DB: Yeah my wife will help me if I ask her, but most of the stuff I can do on my own.

FSP: Wait, you are married!? My apologizes, I didn't know or I forgot!

DB: It's good to have someone to help you if you need it. Yep, it will be four years on the 15th of October. And no need to apologize, a lot of people get married older nowadays. We make a pretty good team though!

Danny Burger and the Mrs, enjoying good times and laughter.

Danny Burger and the Mrs, enjoying good times and laughter.

 FSP: Good for you! If it works, it works! Thanks for taking out the time Danny! Do you have any last minute thank yous or shout outs!?

DB: Thank you to my mom for being the craziest and most loving (and sarcastic) woman in the world. Thank you to my wife, Klara, for putting up with my childish giddiness over skateboarding and my injuries. Thanks to Jason Lampe (aka Actual Skateboards) for seeing talent that I didn't see in myself and helping me see it for myself. Thanks to Brandon Powell for being around to have someone progress with and for being one of the best skate homies. Thank you to Clue Skateboarding and every single one of the team riders. I wouldn't wish to have any other crew to skate with. And last but not least a huge thank you to Pat Hasburgh and all the others on the Madison Skatepark Fund. It's absolutely amazing to be able to have such an amazing park "in my own backyard." Great, I would like to say thank you for taking out your time with Film School Projects!

FSP: It was my pleasure. This was a very cool experience. Hope to see you around soon! We'll stay in touch for sure, take care Danny. Peace!

Images provided by Danny Burger

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Danny Burger 


Miyachi embracing tranquility within life!

Miyachi embracing tranquility within life!

FSP: What's your name?

MS: Miyachi

FSP: What's your full name?

MS: Toshio Miyazaki it's funny, I know.

FSP: Where are you from?

MS: Kyoto, Japan

FSP: How far is that from Tokyo?

MS: I would say about 550km. far from Tokyo,

right beside Osaka. It's the old Capital .

FSP: Okay, is that where you started skateboarding?

MS: Yes, I started skating the year of 1993!

FSP: 1993 was a great year in skateboarding and in hip-hop!

MS: Yes with skateboarding and hip-hop? mmm....I felt directly the culture is really borned from street kids and you could see street graffiti art like tagging in photos of Thrasher. Everything was fresh to me because I was the only local guy in Japan.

FSP: I understand what you mean. I feel the same way. What was one of your first boards then?

Miyachi ollies of the kicker and over the pole!

Miyachi ollies of the kicker and over the pole!

MS: Z- Roller the SLICK ONE it was!lol

FSP: Hey, that reminds me. My friend in college told me that when Americans stop supporting Z-Roller products in the early 90's, Japan was very much into them. I was told Japanese guys loved Z-Roller products then. Is this true?

MS: Yes, Japan had a team called "Tokyo Z-Boys" There was a man in my home town who was sponserd by Z-boys. And I could find some stores that sold Z-Roller stuff then. This guy was insane, really good.

FSP: What made him insane?

MS: Everything he did, he was funny and crazy. But his skating was so good. He already went to America for competitions. He did some DJing too. I think he was a street trend setter too.

FSP: What was his name?

MS: 'BABAO' Keisuke "Babao" Araki! Do you know Takahiro Morita? He was Tokyo-Z boys too.

FSP: Does he do anything related to skateboarding now?

MS: Nah!

FSP: What are some of the best Japanese skateboarding goods around?

MS: It is difficult for me to say because I have not touched Japanese skate culture for a long time. I live in Thailand now, you know. But I like LIBE, NINJA Bearings, Areth shoes, resque skateboards, Felem skate!

FSP: Ok? What is Felem skate about?

MS: Concrete Pool lovers, D.I.Y crew & shop. They are so nice. One of my favorite skaters Wataru Nagashima is on a team. I met the Boss named 'Tsuyosi' he is so nice! I respect him very much.

FSP: Where are they located or where are they from?

MS: They are from Ibaraki. They did D.I.Y spots for Thailand too. Also many Thailand skaters know them. They have so much passion and so respect for skateboarding.

FSP: What stuff do you like to skate in Japan verse what you like to skate in Thailand?

MS: I like pushing around everywhere that's good for me. I went only one time to this place called TU. It's so good as a skatepark. TU is Thailand's newest concrete park in Thailand.

FSP: I saw some photos of it. It looks awesome!

MS: Yes, it is, It's not big but anybody can play with it.

FSP: Where is it located as in what area of Bangkok?

MS: Tamasat Univercity

FSP: It's over near DonMuang Airport in BKK.

MS: Take the high way and it's 45mins from Mo Chit, ask around and you'll find it. It's a little far!

FSP: I know where it is, that are has enough space for it.

MS: The place is so chill too.

FSP: How often do you skate in Bangkok?

MS: Almost everyday now just pushing around in the city. Going from spot to spot or skate park 2 or 3 days in a row.

FSP: Where do you like to skate the most?

MS: For a long time QP(Queens Park) and often go Hua Mark. Then I started skating the Pink Park very often also. Now the Pink Park has a concrete bank and it's convenient for me.

FSP: I saw that, Diamond(Pet) Raksangob skates it in the Television(Tell/lies/Visually) video.

MS: It looks like fun.

FSP: What season is it now in Thailand? They only have two seasons, hot and hotter!lol

MS: It is also very hot today and it always is.

FSP: Who do you like to skate with or do you skate by yourself?

MS: Depending on my mood I like to skate by myself, if I am learning a new trick well then, I like to skate with friends. If I am just chillin and skating that depends too. Basicly lurking alone becase hard to make a promise in Thailand. You know how it is! Everyone is always busy or just doing their own thing. I often skate with Kevin and Hedley, Tyson, the FFC crew, YJ and the EPIC crew. I like to skate with all good kids who skate try hard or have fun. It doesn't have to be about your skills on a skateboard, we don't need just skills for have fun. Fun is having fun no matter what. I'll session with as many skaters as I can.

FSP: What tricks have you been trying lately?

MS: Well, frontside ollie disaster and frontside airs on transition. Just basic tricks that I have not tried in my life.

Miyachi hunting for new skate spots as he travels through Asia!

Miyachi hunting for new skate spots as he travels through Asia!

FSP: Cool! Have you been doing any street skating lately? And If so, where has it been?

MS: When I go out, I want to take a pushing everytime. If you mean raw street skating pbably..Ram2 or Churaron Khon Univercity.

FSP: Okay! When you lived in Japan what kind of street places and things did you like to skate?

MS: Well, our street Plaza was 'Takaragaike Football ground', (down hill possible) and 'Okazaki park'! Pushing in the street spot in the city of Kyoto. We called `Yonkara' as know as `Sijou Karasuma`,`Siyakusho` ,(this is Kyoto City Office.),`Hiuchigata Skate Park`, (concrete park), `Summit Rump',`Tuchiyama Rump`& sometime go Tokyo, OSAKA, FUKUOKA or NAGANO.

FSP: I was told that skateboarders in Japan work 12 hours a day and then they skate at night and all night. They also go to work again the next day. Is this true?

Myiachi and friends at The Skate Cafe!

Myiachi and friends at The Skate Cafe!

MS: Some skaters are like that but I wasn't one of them. When I started skating, I was student of an Univercity and I lived by myself.

FSP: I see, I have been to Tokyo twice and I love the streets there. So smooth and bike friendly too.

MS: During the day time we'll go to school , evening to midnight we have jobs and then mid night to 4am to go skate. Tokyo was pretty smooth everywhere.

FSP: Sounds like you are a custom to skating at night, is this correct?

MS: There was nothing for me to do at that time. I needed to go school and to get some money to support myself and my friend had work but I didn't. So we would meet up at midnight. Only my friends and I when I first started skating!vAfter a year and a half we finally got out of our normal area.

FSP: Cool! Sounds like fun!

MS: Yes, it was! Really good local guys, we felt that we should widen our world. So, we decided to go out and meet new skaters outside of our area. It was a fun experience for me. After a few times of this, I got to meet crazy nice skaters.

FSP: How is security when you are skating at night? Are they sleeping or on guard and ready?

MS: And at some spots some places we were getting the lights turned off on us! So we go push or search another spot in mid night.

FSP: I see, they wanted you guys to leave.

MS: Yes, you can't skate if you can't see. Some security gaurds would get water and put it on the ground. Water and rain are a skaters weakness.

FSP: I never heard of that! The security guards putting water on the ground to stop you from skating?

MS: Yeah, it's true!

FSP: The skate spots are already smooth and putting water on them equal a disasters.

MS: Japanese skaters hate water.

FSP: Can you think of any awesome Japanese skate videos of the past?

MS: That's an easy one! GO MIYAGI and FESN, Mr. Morita 's!

FSP: What do you like about these video?

Miyachi relaxes with a peace of mind and a smile!

Miyachi relaxes with a peace of mind and a smile!

MS: Well, he is a pretty original skateboarder.

FSP: No worries!

MS: Ok, almost all Japanese skaters look the same in their street skating but he is pretty original I think.

FSP: What makes him original? What do you mean?

MS: You know crazy style!

FSP: No worries! Okay, is it his style?

MS: He's such an honest person.

FSP: Have you witness any American skaters in Japan during your past years?

MS: Only American pro skaters. The Stussy team , Borns, A. A., Benett Harada from L.A!

FSP: What year was this?

MS: mmmm......I think it was around 1995 or 6? He was the only one, he was like an out law American skater to me.

FSP: What products do you perfer to use when you are setting up your skateboard?

MS: Right now , Big board and 149trucks.

FSP: Did you ever ride really skinny boards, like 7.5?

MS: No, no, no, no!

FSP: I always rode 7.75 inch. borad in 90s.

MS: I still see some pepole riding around on 7.5 inch. boards ...but I don't ride them.

FSP: Now 7.75 inch is feeling skinny but not too skinny at that time also. Do you think the size plays a big part in your selection of tricks? Like some tricks are easier on a big board and some are easier on a small board. Is it that way for you?

MS: Yes...because some tricks are getting very difficult and you need that perfect size that fits. So, I want to ride on a board simply just ride everywhere. No worries

FSP: When did you move to Bangkok, from Japan?

MS: I moved here during October 2011

FSP: Why did you move to Bangkok, Thailand from Japan?

MS: I moved here to reset and to refuse.

FSP: What do you mean? Please explain?

MS: I was done with everythings in Japan. I didn't have an idea about how I wanted to live in Japan. I really felt bored. And that FUKUSHIMA thing. All the food is messed up by radiation that effected it so much.

FSP: Okay, I see. Safety and health reason brought you to Thailand.

MS: Yes, they did! I felt bored when I lived in local city, the community is so small. I would see the same faces, doing the same thing. It just made me bored. I was an outcast in Japan!lol

FSP: Did you move to Thailand with your family, wife and kids?

Rama 9 action

Rama 9 action

MS: No but my girlfriend is Here! She is originally from Osaka.

FSP: I would like to visit Osaka one day, maybe even teach there in the next two years.

MS: Really?That's nice. Oska is like BKK.

FSP: How is this?

MS: It has so much energy and it's kind of ghetto. The people are so funny. You would love them. It's not like Tokyo.

FSP: Sounds like my kind of place!lol

MS: everythings cheap

FSP: I see what you mean, also Tokyo is huge too.

MS: You black guys would fit right in with the vibes from Osaka's people. Yes,Tokyo is a huge city too. They try to be cool and trendy. But Osaka people try to make it a little rough all time. Always roughing it up! I think Oskar is a trendy place. I was told it is a hipster town. And yes, everything you want is there in Osaka also. Food is cheap and tasty!

FSP: Japan is known for having very different and exotic foods. What foods have you had that would be extremely exotic for someone coming from the Western world?

MS: たこやき(tako-yaki or okonomi)

FSP: What is it made of or what is made with?

MS: An Octopus inside a flower baked ball!lol Try it out!

FSP: When I get to Japan I should! What is the skateboarding community like there?

MS: mmm.....Also real skaters r connected everybody....but time flys ... right now..also many street skaters are there too. They appreciate different styles. Many great skaters are known from Osaka.

FSP: Are the skaters there any different from Tokyo skaters? Do they skate different stuff or do they have a different style then Tokyo skaters? The same pretty much, they are all connected also! With or without Chopper.

MS: He is an original Osaka skater? I will look him up on youtube. Is he known in the Japanese skate scene for sure!!

A hot day of skating with the homeys!

A hot day of skating with the homeys!

FSP: I have met a couple of Japanese skaters at Queens Park. Have you met any there?

MS: Yes, 2 skaters I have seen before at QP.

FSP: Okay! How often do you go home, you know back to Japan?

MS: I have not gone back to Japan, not once since I moved to Thailand.

FSP: How has your life changed since you moved to Thailand?

MS: I was a photographer in Japan but I only took a few rolls since I came Thailand. I kind of stop shooting films. I restarted skating and started skating hard again. I basicly a blue collar worker, this hasn't changed. What makes me different from others is that I don't like to take it easy. Thai words for me would be 'sabai sabai' &'mai pen rai' na ? You know what I mean?lol

FSP: Yes, I understand. Take it easy and don't worry!

MS: Everybody's mood is to be serious in Japan and sometimes it's to much for me.lol

FSP: Okay, I think I understand. I noticed Transworld is doing an issue on Japan, I bet there are a lot of familiar names and places in it. Do you recognize anyone or anything in the issue?

MS: I haven't touched one in sometime. I only heard about a local boy named Issei.

FSP: Any skate spots that look recognizable?

MS: I am not sure, I haven't seen it. I don't have an idea about the issue.

FSP: You didn't see the issue? I thought it was out already. I understand now. Ok, Well from the cover it looks amazing. Do have any advise for any Japanese kids coming to Thailand to skateboard?

MS: Just come & go to the parks , skate with local guys! If you come with friends , just roll with ya homies and check out all of BKK the city.  Look around and explore or hit me up on facebook.lol

FSP: Do you have any thank yous or shout outs to people?

MS: Damn, let's see.......all BKK skater dude!!!! Especially Kevin and Tyson.

FSP: Okay, I think that wraps up this interview. Thank you for your time. CHEERS! Thank you, take care and bye

MS: Thank you and keep in touch peace!

Images provided by Miyachi

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Miyachi


Zachary Gough as the man of steel!

Zachary Gough as the man of steel!

FSP: What's your full name?

ZG: Zachary Gough

FSP: Where were you born?

ZG: Here in Rockford, IL

FSP: What's your family relationship with Philadelphia?

ZG: My dad's from there, born and raised in Germantown PA

FSP: Okay, I remember you going out there to visit family years ago.

ZG: Ya his whole family is there still, they live in Hillsboro now

FSP: At a younger age did you ever spend anytime out there?

ZG: Out in Hillsboro or German town?

ZG: In Hillsboro yes, and my aunt used to bring me to downtown Philadelphia for music festivals.

FSP: What were the music festivals like?

ZG: Well, she's gay so she took me to her girlfriends houses to hang out and we went to the Lilith Fair, lots of bands played and we got super high together so it was fun lol

FSP: Sounds like a cool Aunt! Did she live in down town Philadelphia?

ZG: Yes in the "gayberhood" the part of Philly where all gay people live, kind of like boys town in Chicago but it's both sexes, my uncle is gay too he still lives there.

FSP: It was around 13th street it sounds like, I went to college in Philadelphia. The trannies would flirt with me as I skated by their prosititution station going from south street to the parkway.lol

ZG: Yep sounds about right lol

Zachary at his best!!!

Zachary at his best!!!

FSP: You have been winning a few competions lately, how has that been for you?

ZG: It's been good, bodybuilding is a weird sport, it's judged so it's all about someones opinion of how you look, but it's an independent sport, like skateboarding, it's just you, no teams, that's why I like it

FSP: How did you get into bodybuilding? One day you are at the skatepark all day and the next day you are at the gym all day.

ZG: Not exactly, I kept getting hurt skateboarding and started to get fat from doing nothing, so I joined a gym

FSP: How often do you work out?

ZG: And the whole gym thing took on a life of its own, started meeting people and seeing result. When I'm not competing I work out 4 or 5 times a week, if I'm doing a show it's everyday. 

FSP: Do you have any special diets, like a tiger's heart or a shark's liver? I've been told stories about special imported diets of different body builders.lol

 ZG: No, nothing that crazy, obviously lots of meat, ezekial bread and jasmine rice are prob the least known things I eat!

FSP: Is there anything that you miss from your past diets before your bodybuilder days?

ZG: Just eating whatever, I weigh all my food now, just miss the not having to prep my meals and not caring

Zack's many awards

Zack's many awards

ZG: Actually drinking egg whites is pretty weird, I usually drink them right out of the carton, sometimes two or three a day

FSP: I was told some of the competions could get pretty unpredictable, is this true?

ZG: Oh ya, I have won some I didn't think I would and taken 3rd or 4th in ones I obviously should have won, judging tends to be all over the place depending on where you go in the US

FSP: How does the US location predict you being judged?

ZG: I did the espn Mr. Universe in Miami twice, the judges there like bigger guys, don't care as much about conditioning, same with Arizona, while here in the Midwest thats all they care about

FSP: That's interesting, what is the biggest size that you want to be?

ZG: On stage shredded at 300lbs would be amazing, weighed 256 at my last show!

Zack's profile magazine article

Zack's profile magazine article

FSP: Does bodybuilding effect your skateboarding in a positive way or in a negetive way?

ZG: Positive, always. Just being more flexible and agile, the two sports actually complement each other. Surprisingly there  are a ton of guys at the gym who still skate.

FSP: Guys like who, do I know them?

ZG: Ya Tori is a huge gym kid now, Luke, Alex, a lot of kids from the pit skatepark

FSP: That's cool! Staying healthy is important either on a skateboard or at the gym. You are married as well, does your wife work out too?

ZG: Ya but shes more into yoga and pilates, she takes the classes at our gyms

FSP: Have youever thought about becoming an actor or a body guard?

ZG: No not really, people ask me to do security all the time, I have no interest in doing it. I'm not really huge on confrontation or fighting, it's just really not my thing I'm pretty chill.

Contest day not at the skate park but on the stage!

Contest day not at the skate park but on the stage!

FSP: That kind of job carries a whole different kind of energy. If it's not in your heart or your daily operation I wouldn't touch it.

ZG: Ya don't plan on it lol

FSP: When you are skateboarding who do you skateboard with?

ZG: Usually always Dave Haws, sometimes Joe Schofield and Eric Neubeur but its been a while, skated the warehouse with them last summer but that was pretty much it

FSP: What kind of obstacles or tricks are you into?

ZG: I'm kind of a transition guy, I grew up skating ramps at the pit skatepark, big ramps, so that's usually what I enjoy the most.

FSP: What are some of your favorite tricks to do?

Tony Hawk and Zack at the skate park before Zack's body building years.

Tony Hawk and Zack at the skate park before Zack's body building years.

ZG: 5 O grinds, super fast long ones, and blunts, I used to be able to do like 15 different kinds of blunt variations lol

FSP: You once owned a skate shop, where was it? How did you find yourself owning your own skateshop?

ZG: In Dillon Montana, there was no skate shop there when I move there to go to college and I was friends with Jim Bell, who ran the pit skatepark and had moved to San Diego to work at syndrome distribution, which was a skateboarding distribution company. so I basically just ordered a ton of stuff from him and he hooked me up and I started selling it. I eventually sold enough stuff to start my own store.

FSP: So, you had an inside hook up. Do you stay in contact with Jim now?

ZG: We are friends on Facebook but I don't talk to him that much, he runs Aura skatepark in San Diego now and pretty much builds ramps for a living.

FSP: I see, I haven't heard of him in a long time. Well do you have any last words or comments for anyone out there. Any special thank yous or shout outs?

ZG: Not really, I guess you only thing I would say is to kind of do what makes you happy. When I used to skate as a kid I just thought anyone with a lot of muscles was a douchebag, and now I'm totally the douchebag, but I still skate, so its funny how we turn out. I guess I would just have to say don't judge a book by its cover.

FSP: Good advice and thank you for taking out your time to be with us and take care.

Images provided by Zachary Gough

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Zachary Gough


Matthew Galvin with a here's looking at you kid

Matthew Galvin with a here's looking at you kid

FSP: How have you been, Matt and what is your full name?

Matthew Galvin and I've been good, graduated from University at the end of last year so lately I've been doing camera assisting work for commercials and corporate videos whilst building up on my camera collection to get the craziest and unique imagery for photography jobs- I'm trying to tap into conceptual fashion photography.

FSP: Wow, what school did you graduate from?

Matthew Galvin: Swinburne University of Technology. I did the bachelor of screen and media

FSP: Where is the school located?

Matthew Galvin: So there's a couple of campus's and mine was in Prahran, Melbourne but we were actually the last course to exist there and they sold it when we finished

FSP: You used to live in Bangkok, Thailand before you moved to Australia.

Matthew Galvin: Yep, I lived there for all of my teenage life really.

FSP: Did you go to college in Thailand too?

Matthew Galvin: And had a little stint there when I was a lot younger for a couple of years. Nope just high school

FSP: How was it growing up in your teenage years in a foreign country?

Matthew Galvin: It was really eye opening especially in a city like bkk. I learnt quickly that not all countries run with the same rules or at least aren't enforced as strongly but also seeing how I was now the different one and stood out whereas in Australia id just be another regular joe. Also getting access to alcohol and clubs was waaaay too easy

FSP: Did this happen in Bangkok, Thailand?

Matthew Galvin: Yep

FSP: Did you start skateboarding in Thailand or Australia?

Matthew Galvin: Thailand! I was 15 at first was really really intimidated by all of the pros and elders so instead of going to Queens Park that was like a 5 minute skate away id try to avoid them by going to that esplanade park which would usually take a good 45 minutes. That was until I felt I was good enough to be around those guys who I really looked upto

FSP: I understand, that sounds like me at 15. Who did you look up too?

Skating the box at Queens park in Bangkok, Thailand

Skating the box at Queens park in Bangkok, Thailand

Matthew Galvin: Geng was one of them, he was like always outstanding when I would see him, I would always get star struck when I'd first see him come to the park another was Leo from Switzerland. I thought it was so sick that preduce from Thailand could hook up a legit sponsorship for a guy. Guys who live in another continent and would always be killin it when he'd be in BKK.

Matthew Galvin: I can't forget to shout out Golfie one of Preduce's managers at the time, he's my OG and has always looked out for me when I've been skating and just kickin it. Geng and Leo? Those dudes are amazing at what they can do, on a skateboard. I have Geng Jakkarin board on my wall right now. It's my Thailand and 6 year reminder of life away from family and home.  Golfie is such a cool guy too. His birthday is a day before mine and when I found this out, I was like that is way I enjoy your company. I understand I owe him made props he looked out for me too.

FSP: Yea he's one of the chillest dudes on this planet and can always make a simple chill at the shop into a fun and interesting story telling session that would usually involve at least a liter of Leo beer each.lol When did you move back to Australia from Bangkok, Thailand?

Matthew Galvin: I moved back in 2012 when I was 19. I moved back for university studies.

FSP: What city did you move to in Australia?

Matthew Galvin: Melbourne, I've always been from there but during revisits we'd go to this chill surf town called Ocean Grove, so I grew to love the coast as I would visit Australia.

FSP: Melbourne? I think a few Aussies in Bangkok are from there too, right?

Matthew Galvin: Nic Hughes is from there.

FSP: That's right. He's also into photograph too.

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, he gives me advice on concepts and presentation from time to time. He was planning to move back here but I don't know what happened with that.

FSP: How did you get into photography?

Matthew Galvin: Skateboarding for sure and the attachment of filming stuff. It was just another visual medium that was attached to filming

gaining a clear focus

gaining a clear focus

FSP: Well, what kind of stuff do you take pictures of?

Matthew Galvin: Lately and professionally it's been ads for the Australian Footaball League. A couple of street interviewing along with corporate videos. But apart from that on a passion side I've been involved with making documentaries, short films, music videos and podcasts- I'm part of a collective called point cool productions and at the moment we're in the process of making a seasonal podcast. Conceptual stuff- I know that's so broad but I've been really interested in learning everything of that medium. So it can be from modelling stuff to live performances to life photography. I usually do it with a 35mm. It's a dying form of photography but there's a lot more care and skill when using film. Same as in filmography with 16 and 35mm

FSP: Cool, sounds like you have been busy. Do you think that school is paying off? You seem to understand a lot about the production side of things.

Matthew Galvin: In a way, It definitely has that credential aspect where one can't question whether you've been educated in that field but there are so many cases where one has instead focused on learning a program without uni and are hired for that exact profession. The first 2 years of my uni were in a program called TAFE where there is a lot more hands on teaching than regular university so I was lucky to learn in that way. Then my final year was uni so I wrapped it up all good.

FSP: I understand that education is education, weather if it's from an institute or from self studies.

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, it's as long as if u can do the required task in a professional and safe manner too. Unless you're a monster truck driver.lol

sea port photo of Matt's work

sea port photo of Matt's work

FSP: How does it feel to be out of school?

Matthew Galvin: It feels great!!! There's a lot more freedom and creative space when you don't have tasks and assignments due that can be blocking your ideas and dreams.

FSP: Have you been skateboarding lately?

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, I actually just got back from the park. The Preduce deck is still as strong as ever.

FSP: How long have you had that deck?

Matthew Galvin: I have been skating a lot of tranny since I've been over here. And I have been here since December,

skateboarding with the same Preduce deck.

FSP: I know they make great decks.

Matthew Galvin: And the new glue has really strengthened them up. That's what I like to see a progression of quality as a product goes along.

FSP: I know, quailty goes a long way. Have you ever seen Shane O'neill around?

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, once he's a machine. It is just mind blowing how consistent that guy is.

FSP: Is he from Melbourne?

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, but there's jokes going around that since he's living in LA now. He's not an Aussie anymore.lol He reps Melbourne very well.

FSP: That's cool!


The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit

Matthew Galvin: I'd love to one day put together a skate film having rising skaters from Melbourne soon. I'm in the works on that right, now. And if Shane had a cameo appearance then sheesh, I would feel like I've made it in life. haha

FSP: Nice, idea. How far are you into the process?

Matthew Galvin: At the moment I've just been saving up for some cool filming equipment and getting a team together who will be down to film a couple of tricks. I'm really just going for a friends section of transworld kind of thing but shot awesomely. With some cool 35mm behind the scenes photography that could maybe become a book's worth or an exhibition, anything is possible really. Just gotta have the $ to support the dreams.

FSP: Do you want to give out any name? We could be on the look out for some future up and comers?

Matthew Galvin: Yes, I've got three! Leigh Takemoto, Mitch Robertom and Leandre Sanders. I've never met the last guy but I would love for him to be in this future project.

FSP: What kind of camera are you using?

Matthew Galvin: For filming I have this accessible Canon 60D,the flexy LCD screen is so useful for filming skating. Ambys on professions shoots I've been using the Sony A7s which is crazy good! And some RED cameras too.

Matt accompined by a two friends(the beer and the lady)

Matt accompined by a two friends(the beer and the lady)

FSP: Do you always bring your camera with you when you are going skateboarding?

Matthew Galvin: Nah, usually just my phone they're that good now if not better in some ways- like the slo mo! Sheesh

But I'll bring the camera along to get second angles like I was doing in BKK when some homies were filming there.

FSP: Okay, you said earlier that you have been skateing a lot of tranny/transition. What tricks have you been working on?

Matthew Galvin: There's this one, I've got on lock now that I fucking love pulling out.

FSP: What is it?

Matthew Galvin: It's a fakie 270 to backsmith back 270 out! Stupidly dizzy when I was trying to get it.

FSP: I am sure you are. That's a lot of spinning my friend. How did you come up with that?

Matthew Galvin: I was getting back smith 270's easily and decided to chuck in some more mind fuckery. I love doing tricks that look like black magic.

FSP: What skateboarders have you been checking out lately? As in who do you like watching?

Matthew Galvin: Wes kremer is always fun to watch- he's so damn creative also sebo walker!

skateboarding is true self expression

skateboarding is true self expression

FSP: I agree those to guys are on their game. I like Wes Kremer most of all. Do you have any plans to return to Thailand, now that you are finish with school?

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, I do! It would be awesome to do some fashion and modelling photography in Thailand, I once saw this amazing girl with a perfect booty. With this photographer, and I was like you da man!

FSP: I understand Thailand has it's fair share of beautiful ladies. It's a great place for an artist to be if he or she has an eye for lovely female energy. I moved there for that same reason and other reasons too.lol

Matthew Galvin: Also I've got this clothing project in the works and the stuff is getting manufactured in Thailand so it could be a possibility to go back for quality control. Plus the added fact that it's so cheap and easy to live over there as you know.

FSP: Are you producing women's clothing or men's clothing?

Men's clothing for now but u never know what could happen.

My partner that I've been working with is a girl, who's graduated doing fashion and all that so yea it's a possibility to get girls stuff in the mix.

FSP: You have a lot of projects up and running. Do you have a website or instagram?

Matthew Galvin: Still working on my website, getting it to feel right and for it to be spread with all of these things I've been working on but I have an Instagram which is @mattgalvz and a tumblr that madebygalvz.tumblr.com GALVZ is a nickname of mine!

FSP: Did you ever have a Thai name when you lived in Thailand, most foreigners have one usually given to them by a girlfrend?

Matthew Galvin: Yeah,  I did! My Thai teacher from high school gave it to me. It's "Manop"!!!

FSP: What is it? You still have, you can't drop it.lol Manop! I have one too, it's Gkong! How well are your Thai speaking skills?

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, I know right! And once they know it they never let it go. How did u get the name Gkong.

It's good "Taxi Thai" and enough to impress the ladies out here when u take them to a Thai restaurant. But the food isn't like back in Thailand.lol It's just not the same. That's one thing I really miss about Thailand. I'm sure u do too.

FSP: I got that name from my first Thai girlfriend. She was a big fan of the actor from Bangkok Dangerous, the side kick guy for Nicholas Cage. I know what you mean about the American Thai food. It's not really Thai at all.

Matthew Galvin: And they use carrot and broccoli in tom yum, It's so wack. Plus a lot of people here are allergic to peanuts so those peanut dishes aren't right.

FSP: Right! I go to Thai restuarant to practise my Thai speaking skills. Their faces are in shock when I am speaking Thai to them without using a word of English but they only speak back to me in Thai.lol

Matthew Galvin: My story is different, I go into a Thai restaurant and order in Thai then the waiter kindly tells me that he's Chinese and no one in the restaurant is Thai, those times kill me.

http://stampsy.com/user/20973 By the way, I'm planning to release this skate photography series that I shot whilst in BKK.

FSP: Okay, when are you going to release it?

Matthew Galvin: If I don't get any response from magazines within the next 7 days it'll be up on the 8th day. I really wanted it to get some more exposure because I know it's worth but sometime you gotta be like fuck it and let it take its natural course. I can link u to it when it's up and if u have a news feed page on your site you could feature it if you'd like.

FSP: You might want to wait a little longer than that.

Matthew Galvin: Yeah, true. I've contacted a few a couple of months ago where I got no reply from any of them which was a bummer but I stumbled across a couple of new mags and I'll shoot them a message tomorrow

FSP: Sure thing!

Matthew Galvin: I appreciate that, is it really THAT windy in Chi town?

FSP: Here is the thing, it's really about the 9th windiest city in America.

Matthew Galvin: But because of the buildings it's more directed and strong? Or not really?

FSP: It is but, the windy relates to the gossip that flows from one end of the city to the otherside. It was giving that name from reporters in the 1920's. It came from the Al Capone days. You know Mobsters, reporters and snitches.

The colorful world of Matthew Galvin

The colorful world of Matthew Galvin

Matthew Galvin: Oh riiiiight! That gives it a way cooler meaning

FSP: It does? My place of birth is known for having snitches!lol A city of rats.

Matthew Galvin: Snitches get stitches

FSP: If you could work for anyone in the skateboarding industry, who would it be?

Matthew Galvin: Jason Herendez or Curt Morgan from Brain Farm Cinema or anything photography/ filmography with Alien workshop! They're my main 3 inspirations

FSP: That's cool.

Matthew Galvin: Jason Herendez does the sickest and most creative stuff with Nike SB. And curt Morgan goes BIG with extreme filming of extreme sports. And the alien workshop guys are just so conceptually creative. All different spectrums of filmography but awesome in its own right.

FSP: I agree! They're my inspiration and competition in a way. lol Before we close out this interview  are there any shout outs or a special thank you for anyone or a group of people.

Matthew Galvin: Check out Point Cool Productions from Melbourne, shout outs to the homies from BKK you know who you are if you're reading this, and thank you for having me I really appreciate the time you've given me.

FSP: No worries, Thank you for joining us!

Images provided by Matthew Galvin

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Matthew Galvin


Up close and up front with Ashtre Surfa!

Up close and up front with Ashtre Surfa!

FSP: How are you today?

Ashtre Surfa: Alright! I'm good .nothing to complain about

FSP: What's your name or what do you like to be called?

Ashtre Surfa: Ashtre Surfa

FSP: As a M.C. have you had any other names?

Ashtre Surfa:Yep. Lil tre. And Ashtre the concrete surfer. Haha

FSP: I heard from your youtube interview your friends gave you that nick name from the movie, Don't Be A Menace In  South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, is this true?

Ashtre Surfa: Yup! DJ MTJ, the guy who made the fade away beat in my 6th grade english class gave me the name Ashtre. You should look him up on SoundCloud. We both went to West middle school then. haha

FSP: I'll do that, so you were into Hip-hop at an early age?

Ashtre Surfa: Yup, I been around hip hop as a science. I really got into like lyrics and storytelling and the depths of what it really is in middle school. I remember being in a car seat singing I'm bout it bout. Later on in life I was like wow..this is a whole entire culture.

FSP: Who influenced you in middle school and who are your influences now.

Ashtre Surfa:Lupe fiasco and kid cudi. Drake and Wayne also J Cole. Mostly, I like Lupe's the cool and da drought 3. My lyrics got a lot better just from hearing them rap on those projects.

I was into Drake when he was dropping songs with Travi McCoy and J Cole was still underground but I was telling a lot of peeps about Cole back then.

FSP: Who did you listen to in middle school?

Ashtre Surfa: That was middle school. But now a days, I listen to way more genres. But what hip hop do I bump?It's really vast. I like Mac Miller of WGKTA currency and the whole jets movement and Wiz. I watched that whole movement clash and grow to what is is now. Chance the rapper is a big part of the reason why I still wanna do hip hop. Lil B is the shit to me. Oh yea Big Sean also was a big influence to me too. When I was in middle school I loved his music too.

Mind over matter with Ashtre Surfa!

Mind over matter with Ashtre Surfa!

FSP: You like a wide range of M.Cs. Who makes the best beats too you?

Mind over matter with Ashtre Surfa!

Ashtre Surfa: Young chop. I listen to Chief Keef too. He made Chop known all around. Lex Lugar, Harry Fraud, Sledren, Soulja Boy is raw with making beats. Mike Will is hella dope, Forty the dude who makes Drake's beats is good too. Left Brain, I need a beat from him. Chuck Inglish, man the list could go on and on now a days.

FSP: I am going to quote one of your lines from your song: Fade Away and the Zebruh Mixtape. My outfit is like $7.00/hand me down Lakai kicks/ the feeling I got when I met me a nice chick was priceless! Please explain these lyrics.

Ashtre Surfa: OK, you know how they make the list of things like Holup? I'm am going to have to send you an idea.

FSP: Sure, send it please

Ashtre Surfa: It was an extended metaphor! It went: I made the list like /outfit seven dollars/ Shoes free 99/ the feeling I got when I met my ex was priceless lol

FSP: I get it! Thank's for giving the right format of lyrics too. I like those kind of rhymes. I would have understood it later on from watching one of those commercials. It would of hit me later on. I could see myself laughing out loud and then saying, I get it!

Ashtre Surfa: Yes, that's that Wayne that I listened too.  He does that to people a lot.

FSP: I like those kind of lyrics. I like a M.C. named Casual. His first tape called Fear It's Self was like that for me. It's an old album. Have you heard of Casual?

Ashtre Surfa: I have not ill have to look em up

FSP: Have you heard of Hieroglyphics?

Ashtre Surfa: Yeah man and I met a bunch of them dudes in Texas with DLabrie Eog too. Souls of mischief and others.

FSP: That's them!

Ashtre Surfa: It's on Youtube too, people should check it out!

FSP: I am a big Hieroglyphics fan! Casual is one of the solo artist from the group.

Ashtre Surfa: I didn't find out about them until my freshman year. I said group but I mean crew!

FSP: I met Hieroglyphics in Philadelphia when I went to a Hieroglyphics show in my college years.

Ashtre Surfa: I like their music. I know A Plus and all the other members. Their names escape me at the moment  but yeah me and D Labrie was supposed to open up for them but then that show got canceled. That's still dope tho. I like that song cab fare alot

FSP: Okay! What do you know about Cab Fare?lol That song is one of their demo songs. The sample wouldn't get clearance so it never made it to the 1st album.

Ashtre Surfa: Chashed into a rose bush/ my snose smushed /on Impact/ but its cool I'll get him back  I know that line from that track. Awe, the sample would clear? What that's bogus as heck.

FSP: Sick! They sampled the 70's and 80's T.V. show taxi for the beat.

Ashtre Surfa: I'm going to have to peep that I never heard of that show.

FSP: How do you feel about battle rap?

Side walk surfing with the Surfa

Side walk surfing with the Surfa

Ashtre Surfa: I enjoy watching it but I don't do it myself . I was a big fan of Serious Jones vs Murda Mook but I'm not super into it. I watched fight club battles a lot at one period. I was a big fan of bet back in the day when they had the battles on 106. I like Jin and them. I enjoyed watching those. I never got fully into it tho.

FSP: It's interesting stuff.

Ashtre Surfa: Yes, they go in on each other. I've written battle raps, I've battle the homies, my brothers at times but just freestyling tho. I never got to serious, tho.

FSP: Where do you live now?

Ashtre Surfa: Seattle Washington

FSP: Where are you from?

Ashtre Surfa: Rockford, Illinois

FSP: RFD/Rock Bottom/Rocktroit! I have a few nick names for the place!lol Also screw city!

Ashtre Surfa: Rockganastan is the one I've been hearing around my peers the most

FSP: That's funny! I will add that to the list!

Ashtre Surfa: Yes, haha its a dark humor. Kinda trending the whole chiraq thing. People think Rockford is like Baby chicago or something. I can see that but at the same time, naahhhhh!!!!!

FSP: Naaahhhh is right! Rockford is Rockford! It's not a city as far as the idea of a city goes and it sure isn't a town. How is Seattle, Washington?

Ashtre Surfa: Yeah! Rockford I an odd city. Seattle is also an odd city. I dig the weather here way more than rockford weather. And public transit is the shit. Its kinda small for a city also but a lot bigger than the rock. There's a lot more to get into. A lot more chances to come up for musicians and artist in general.

FSP: Cool! But how? Is there more studios or people open to music.

Ashtre Surfa: Yeah, there are studios and stuff all over the place here. You can find them on google there's like a long list of studios. Theres just hella artists on recording set ups that are getting songs recorded too. It is no problem, honestly its getting to be like that in rockford. As far as studios I see them just kinda popping up everywhere. The thing about being in a bigger city for me is sometimes there's just too much going on for people to focus on and they can't focus.

And everybody is getting they hands on all this new software and macs and stuff. Pretty soon everybody gonna have they own studio.

FSP: I can see that happening. Technology is grow into our neighborhoods and homes.

Ashtre Surfa: And yes in Seattle at the moment everybody ears are open cause Macklemore and his crew wanna see who's next out of seattle. A lot of famous people come here all the time. There's tourists and just all kinds of people to meet here. It's not hard to get a fan base or to get in touch with people who are doing shows and stuff here.

FSP: So the move to Seattle, Wa was a smart one?

Ashtre Surfa: Yes, it was perfect for me personally. Not saying this is just the place to be but I love it here. And it was premeditated since the 7th grade. Like I came out here to visit family in the 7th or 8th grade that was when blooming came out. I was actually in seattle when they dropped the video. I was selling CDs and stuff here. Just feeling it out and I knew it was ago.

FSP: I know one thing about Seattle, WA, they have a big Somali population. Have you seen any pretty Somali or hott Somali women around?

Somali little pretties

Somali little pretties

Ashtre Surfa:Yessss. Lots of Somali peeps around where I live, they own hella stores and stuff like that. There's all kinds of people here like Chinese and Vietnamese and natives an ethiopian people too.

FSP: I know Somalis and other East Africans own stores there. They have a stronger understanding of business management than other African Americans. I want to know have you tried to talk to any of the East African girls or do you have a girlfriend?

Ashtre Surfa: Haha! Nah, I haven't really talked to many of them girls. I got a chick that I've smoked with a few times. My homie named Chai Tea introduced me to her and  she raps too. She's in my relevance video with me and Chai Tea actually. It's a little fun skit that we put together. 

FSP: You skateboard too. Is there a connection for you between Hip-Hop Culture and Skateboard Culture?

Ashtre Surfa: As I see it they go hand in hand.

FSP: Yes, they go hand in hand in my eyes. As in how do you see them relating to one another?

Ashtre Surfa: I always have heard rap music on every Tony Hawk game I played. I've often seen skateboarding and grafitti clashing a lot and graffiti is 100% hip hop. The way skaters dress has set trends for rap artist long before Wayne and Lupe talked about skating too. It is usually other rap or rock music that skateboard culture gets to clash with harmonically. Lupe and Wayne have both done rock music. I don't know but it just fits in the equation.

FSP: This is true! In the 90's hip-hop and skateboarding went hand and hand! A lot of M.Cs have been rumored to skateboard in their past, artist like Methodman, Del The Funkie Homosapian, Hopsin and so on. Do you have any shows coming up in the near future?

Side walk surfing with the Surfa

Ashtre Surfa: Yes, I'm possibly gonna be on a 3 show tour in April starting on the 4th then 2 other dates. If that doesn't happen there's always jus pop up shows or I may go to a local event and I may know who's putting it on and they may ask me to preform like that happens often. Like I may get hit up the day before an event about preforming so ain't no telling but the 3 show tour is what I'm looking at. Its in 3 cities around Washington.

FSP: Cool! Life is like that often. You have to be ready to make your move when needed!

Ashtre Surfa: I'm saying tho I just be so clutch with that type of stuff now a days.

A chilli night with good people and the Surfa

FSP: Braxton Carter was in your Trees Grow Tall in song. How do you know Braxton Carter? I filmed him a few times.

Ashtre Surfa: He was on the Tree Huggers track from the Swamp Monster project. We went to highschool together and just clicked because people found us odd and we both skated and liked tie dye stuff.

FSP: That's cool!

Ashtre Surfa: He came to Auburn High School in our junior year or something like that. Then towards the end of senior year we got cool as fuck. Then we were roommates for a lil bit after highschool.

FSP: I see, who would you like to do a track with? Give me your top three rappers.

Ashtre Surfa: Chance the rapper....Hmm..let me see.............Yung God. He's hella dope. After high school I listened to alot of Yung God and I must say he is very underrated. OK..one more. The weekend isn't really a rapper but he sometimes raps kinda. I'd love to do a song with him I like to sing too. I sing on a bunch of my tracks.

DLabrie Eog and Ashtra Surfa

DLabrie Eog and Ashtra Surfa

FSP: You pick some interesting rappers and performers.

Ashtre Surfa: Thank you

FSP: In the past we have known rappers to become rich but they sometimes end up broke. If you became rich and famous how would you keep from losing all of your money?

DLabrie Eog and Ashtra Surfa

Ashtre Surfa: Well first off I'm not buying shit that I have to pay off over time. I wanna get some land and build some of them energy efficient cabins and remodel some cars to make em run off of something better than gas. Thoses two things would save me hella cash, I'm sure. And I wanna grow hella food also and try to think about money the very least. I really wanna get away from using money so much. I'm not against money but I live an alternative lifestyle.

FSP: One last question for the interview. The westside of Rockford doesn't have a whole to offer it's community anymore, what do you think you or the people of the community can do to bring back some of those resources?

A chilli night with good people and the Surfa

A chilli night with good people and the Surfa

Ashtre Surfa: They need More real knowledge about the possibilities of life. They need a be able to see that life is more than school and a job. I feel like people should open there minds to the possibilities. It also would be dope to see gardens and stuff more on the west.

FSP: Sounds like a smart idea, most people should think like you.

Ashtre Surfa: Yeah, it's in the works man. This way of thinking seems to become more and more trendy too. I'm not just following the trends. I've always had the garden treehouse ideas in mind.

FSP: Okay! I think this ends our interview Sir. Ashtre Surfa! Thank you for spending your time with us. Tell any pretty Somali women that I said, hello and take care.

Ashtre Surfa:Haha no problem dog! Fasho I'll forward them to you on Facebook lol peace out stay safe!

FSP: No worries! Peace! and thank you!

Images provided by Ashtre Surfa

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Ashtre Surfa


Patharawan (Venus) Prajakthanathorn

Patharawan (Venus) Prajakthanathorn

Patharawan (Venus) Prajakthanathorn

FSP: Your name is Venus right?

Venus: Yes, sir

FSP: Venus like the planet, right?

Venus: 5555 It can mean that but my mother meant goddess of love, Venus is Cupid's mother. 5555

Venus: Sorry, 555 is Thailand's version of lol.

FSP: No worries, I remember. I lived in Bangkok for 6 years.

The number 5 is Ha in Thai.

Are you into Greek and Roman Mytheology? Like Greek and Roman gods?

Venus: No, i'm not

FSP: What's your background are you Thai Chinese or just Thai?

Venus: Just Thai

FSP: Okay, that's cool. Original Thai.

What is your full name?

Venus: Patharawan Prajakthanathorn, quite long right?

FSP: Thai names are long compared to western names.

Venus: yep

FSP: I understand why, Thai names have more sounds and syllables.

Venus: You can call me Venus or just V

FSP: Okay, Venus! You said, you were listen to the Killers before we started the interview, do you like alternative music?

Venus: Yes I do, and I like all types of rock music.

FSP: What are your favorite Rock bands?

Venus: Aaw, I can't choose which one is my favorite, but in my playlist I always have Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, etc

FSP: Kings of Leon, they made another group called The Whitest Boy A Live, right? I think they did. I saw The Whitest Boy A Live in Bangkok with my girlfriend. It was a fun show! How has your brother been doing?

Venus Rocks Out

Venus Rocks Out

Venus: He has gone far with his skating I think, some of his friends who know me too. They said, my brother's awesome at skateboarding. I heard that he skates with Japanese people a lot in a bowl or something.

FSP: I have noticed from his facebook clips that his talent is growing.

Venus: XD

FSP: What is your brother's full name?

Venus: Suepsak Prajakthanathorn

FSP: That's right, I know him as Tyson.

Brother and Sisterly Love with Suepsak (Tyson) Prajakthanathorn and Patharawan (Venus) Prajakthanathorn

Venus: hahaha, yes

FSP: Thank you for helping me with translating a few years ago. I enjoyed filming your brother when I was filming for the video Control Freaks With Transportation(Bangkok Skateparks).

I liked his tricks and style.

Venus: You are welcome, he really wants to speak English but he never works on it.

FSP: No worries, You should teach him.

Venus: I used to but we start fighting because he isn't listening to me, lol

FSP: I understand, that's cute.

How old is your brother as of now?

Venus: 19 years old

FSP: And how old are you?

Venus: 21 years old

FSP: I take it that this means you are the boss? Right? No, I am the mother and actually we both lose here. I have to teach my brother everything.lol

FSP: That's cool! A big sister is always helpful. Do you watch skate videos with your brother?

Brother and Sister Love with Suepsak (Tyson) Prajakthanathorn and Patharawan (Venus) Prajakthanathorn

Brother and Sister Love with Suepsak (Tyson) Prajakthanathorn and Patharawan (Venus) Prajakthanathorn

Venus: Yes, I do.  We both grew up and now we have less fights. The only thing I am worried about is my brother not continuing to study for his Bachelor's degree. He wants to skate. I told him I have 1 year and a half to finish my studies. He seemed glad to hear that and then told me to take care of him. Give him money and now he doesn't need to study anymore.lol

FSP: He's young, I think he'll change his mind from time to time.

Venus: I will just be there to support him as a big sister.

And yes, I do watch skate videos with him a lot. At first when he started skate I went to tesco lotus with him, to buy a skateboard and at that time it wasn't a Santa Cruz.lol

I remember the first video we've watched together was "How to ollie." At that time I would sit and watching him day by day. I would do this after we came back from school until he succeed at it!

FSP: You have watched your brother progress daily. Did you learn any tricks too?

Ms. Venus

Venus: He used to teach me, I only learned to do tic tacs because I fell and my butt crashed to the ground.

I was done with it and I could'nt walk properly around 1-2 weeks. lol

FSP: Funny! You got to be careful.lol

Venus: hahahaha I don't know how and I didn't expected that.

FSP: Do you have a job?

Venus: I'm studying and I have my own little business.

I'm selling jewelries like earrings, necklaces.

FSP: Wow! You are a designer?

Venus: Nope, just buy and sell jewlries. XD

FSP: Does your business have a name?

Venus: It's called V!

FSP: Do you have a website or facebook page?

Venus: No, I'm thinking about doing it but I did't start yet.

FSP: You should start something, you never know where it can take you.

Venus: Alright, Ah kah

Ms. Venus

Ms. Venus

FSP: Do you have a boyfriend? He can help you with ideas too.

Venus: Epic, I don't have one! lol

FSP: No problem, you are young and you have time.

Venus: Yes, thank you!

FSP: Do you like American guys and Asian guys or does it matter?

Venus: ....................................................

FSP: No answer? Are you getting mysterious?lol

Venus: Sorry, I went to wash my face, lol


Venus: Sincerely, I don't know

FSP: Guys are guys, native and foreign

Venus: The ones that I meet? I don't know!

 Never mind, I won't judge them.lol

FSP: Maybe you are looking in the wrong places.

Venus:  Maybe so

FSP: Don't judge the group only the individuals actions

Venus: I won't judge them at all.

FSP: Smart lady!

Venus: thanks for the compliment, XD

FSP: No worries! If someone wanted to ask for a facebook friend request from you, what name should they look for on facebook?

they might be like wtf?

Venus: Search for Patharawan Venus Prajakthanathorn! They might be like wtf?

Venus With A Smile

Venus With A Smile

FSP: Nah, it makes you stand out and a lot easier to find.

Venus: It's unique and I don't think anybody has a similar name.

FSP: So, they should search for Patharawan Venus Prajakthanathorn?

Venus: Yes, sir XD

FSP: Are American skateboarders invited too?

Venus: hahaha, welcome all, welcome to Thailand too

FSP: That's very cool of you.

And my last question is................

Venus: issssss

FSP: Name a skateboard trick that you like.

Venus: I don't know why but I like something like the 360 (three sixty flip).

I heard Tyson mention "switch frontside 360 heelflip" too.

FSP: switch frontside 360 heelflip is an amazing trick.

 Switch frontside 360 heelflips and 360 flips are two impressive tricks.

FSP: Okay, Venus thank you for taking out the time to talk to us.

Venus: You are always welcome

FSP: Have a great night!

Venus: And I would have to say have a great day!

Venus Rocks Out


send Venus a friend request @facebook.com/patharawan.prajakthanathorn?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Images provided by Patharawan Venus Prajakthanathorn

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Patharawan Venus Prajakthanathorn


Universal soldier on or off the skateboard

FSP: How are you?

FSP: Doing good. Just finished eating and am about to start a movie. How are you?

FSP: Doing great, what movie are you watching?

Anthony Brunson: Coming to America. My favorite movie growing up.

FSP: Are you serious? That's awesome such an awesome movie, Eddie at his best!

Anthony Brunson: Yep. I used to watch it over and over again at my grandma's. I have the whole thing memorized... literally.

FSP: I understand! The movie Big is that way with me. I love those movies of our yesterday years, they always stay with us. What's your full name?

Anthony Brunson: Anthony Christian Brunson

FSP: How did you get that name? Is there any stories behind it?

Anthony Brunson: I'm not really sure... other than the obvious religious motivations. My mom picked it. And it's her last name.

FSP: Okay, I see. Some names come with stories about how they came into existence.

FSP: Where do you live?

Anthony Brunson: Niceville Florida. A small town near Eglin AFB FL

FSP: Where are you originally from?

Anthony Brunson: Rockford IL

FSP: Why did you leave Rockford, Il for Florida?

Anthony Brunson: I'm in the military, I am stationed here.

FSP: Does your wife and daughter live with you too?

Anthony Brunson: Yes.

FSP: Do they miss Rockford or do you miss Rockford, be honest?lol

Anthony Brunson: My daughter misses her cousins. I don't miss it. At all. Although I want to go back sometimes, just to fix the brokenness of it.

FSP: I understand that, my friends and I call it Rock-triot. It is the new Detriot. That's what happens when the business men are given authority. And your everyday people do nothing. How has it changed from when you were younger until now?

Anthony Brunson: It's crazy. All of the manufacturing is gone. All of the lower middle class jobs are gone. There are like 2 choices now...Sunstrand. And Chrysler. It's good to have local businesses but if they're just circulating money around, they are not gaining anything. They need to bring new money in.

FSP: You are absolutely right?

Anthony Brunson: Yeah it becomes a zero sum game. Then the wealth is just concentrated on a select few. Hardly the ideal situation. I would like the younger generation to push new ideas but I don't think they are aware or educated in business enough to know. It's hard to create something from nothing. There needs to be more programs that attract businesses to the area, taxes are ridicuous too.

FSP: I asked a friend after moving back to the U.S.A after I had been gone for 7 years about Rockford, Il. I told him I didn't see anything happening. He said that's was just it. NOTHING HAPPENED!

Anthony Brunson: Yeah. It's sad! I would not go back there to live unless it included starting a business that would employ the masses with a livable wage.

FSP: You seem like a pretty educated and aware person. What's your educational back ground in the Military or is it top secret?

Anthony Brunson: I have a computer science degree. And my job pertains to computers.

FSP: Okay! How does a former skateboarder go from being sponsored, doing the latest technical tricks and then ends up in the military with a degree in computer science?

Anthony Brunson: Growing up I guess. I had to pay the bills. I've always liked computers.

FSP: Who were some of your past sponsors?

Anthony Brunson: FKD, silver,  DC shoes. I used to skate with Hurvey when he had Prophecy skateboards too.

FSP: Are you talking about Hurvey Haskins?

Anthony Brunson: Yes

FSP: He is a pretty nice guy. He walked up to me years ago and said something about James Ford and I impressed him years ago, when he was a lot younger. He remembered us skating really well. It must of been years ago because I was impressed by his skateboarding that day. Switch backside lipslides on a hubba ledge at the skate park.

Anthony Brunson: That's Hurvey

FSP: You had a few friends of mine talking about your style and tricks in Thailand too from your youtube footage. How did you come up with the El Negro flip? If that's the right name?

Anthony Brunson: Oh that lol. idk I was just trying to think of something really dumb that made people laugh. It's funny because it caught on and everyone started calling it that. Then like a year or so later after I stopped skating some kid came out calling it the grape flip and there was this controversy about what the name actually was.

FSP: I see, I walked into Preduce shop in Bangkok, Thailand and my friend Golfie asked me if I ever heard of the El Negro flip. He said, some dude on youtube is doing this new flip trick. I asked him is it a dude name Anthony? And it was you he said. I asked because I just saw it two days before he asked me. I thought it was pretty amazing, youtube small world. Your tricks reached out world wide.

Anthony Brunson: Wow that's cool man. Yeah YouTube made a lot of things possible. If it was around '99 or 2000 then I would probably have a very different story.

FSP: I understand exactly what you mean. Another friend of mine in Bangkok, Thailand saw your footage and said, how can you skate like that and stop skateboarding? How did you move from sponsored skateboarder to military, family man living in Florida?

Anthony Brunson: Well, I was actually in the military for all of those videos. It ended abruptly when I hurt my ankle doing a manual one day when I was warming up. I tried to keep skating but I couldn't. I felt really bad because I was immersed in it. Between helping Hurvey and the Good Times videos.

FSP: What was the manual trick that took you out?

Anthony Brunson: Half cab manual back 180 out.  I did that trick literally every day in the first 10 minutes to warm up. I guess I got over confident and got lazy.

FSP: Was Good Times the name of the video or  the company?

Anthony Brunson: It was a video series.

FSP: Was it under Prophecy skateboards?

Anthony Brunson: Not really. It was just a name I came up with when I put out the video. I just called it what it was... Good Times.

FSP: Very organic, who did you skate with then?

Anthony Brunson: Initially,  Clint Walker and a kid named Dirty. Then, as it evolved I started skating with another kid named The Champ.

FSP: Is Clint Walker the same Clint Walker who rides for Birdhouse?

Anthony Brunson: Yeah, that's him.

FSP: Dude, I didn't know that!  That dude is sick. He's really good!

Anthony Brunson: Yeah, I watched him progress. When we first met he was still figuring it out. He's in the first 9 episodes of Good Times on YouTube, you all should check it out.

FSP: How do you feel about having footage from 2007 and it's still good enough for a skate video coming out in 2015?

Anthony Brunson: It just shows how skateboarding is different than it used to be. It is evolving slower. In the 80's to early 2000's skateboarding was dramatically different every 5 years or so. Now, it seems to have hit a plateau, which is good for careerists. It allows them to go longer and remain relevant. Since the tricks aren't changing that much.

FSP: Didn't you meet or skate with Paul Rodriguez too?

Anthony Brunson: Yeah! I had a friend that lived in Northridge back in the day. That's where Paul used to skate. So, I bought a plane ticket to go out there and meet him. He was at the park every night so it was a sure thing that I would meet him. Then I went back the next year and saw him again. He really inspired me and has no idea that some random dude literally flew across the country to talk to him for 10 minutes a couple of times.

FSP: How is he in person?

Anthony Brunson: He was pretty chill. Just what you would expect. I remember the first time he was wearing Khakis with a brown sweater and brown hat. And in between each trick he would take off his hat then put it back on crooked. Lol

FSP: I remember you when you used to look like a young Alfonzo Rawls. You had the hair and baggy pants and everthing, when you were a kid. Do you know who he is?

Anthony Brunson: Yeah, I do. I was a dork.lol

FSP: Nah, man you had love and dedication back then as a little kid. It was cool. When did you start skateboarding, what year?

Anthony Brunson: Initially, around 98 or 99. A buddy of mine gave me his old human board and then I stopped skating once he passed away.

FSP: I am sorry to hear about that. It always sucks to lose a friend.

Anthony Brunson: Yeah. I lived in the projects and skateboarding kept me away from all the stupidity out there. But he was my only friend at the time.

FSP: Who is he, give him a shout out and send it high above?

Anthony Brunson: Haha.  His name is John Ray.

FSP: Rest in peace to John Ray!

Anthony Brunson: When was the last time you skated? I skated for a couple hours last year when Bing came out to interview me but that hardly counts. lol

FSP: Bing Liu?

Anthony Brunson: Yes

FSP: He's awesome and a nice guy. He is Rockford's Spike Jones or the Spike Jones of Rockford.lol

Anthony Brunson: Lol. Yeah. He's cool.

FSP: Bing helped me out. Your footage worked well with the Television(Tell.Lies.Visually) project too. Your skateboarding is in it and it was years ago but it is so good. I liked your tricks in it.

Anthony Brunson: Cool, thanks man.

FSP: What was your favorite skateboarding trick when you skated?

Anthony Brunson: Anything with a Nollie heel out.

FSP: These days you seem to be focused on real estate and the stock market. How did you get into them both?

Anthony Brunson: Initially, I wanted to live for free and I bought a duplex.Then it just kept growing. The stock market was always something i was interested in but i never learned about it before.

FSP: Don't you have a website about the stock market?

Anthony Brunson: Yeah. I started one to see how hard it would be with today's technology.

FSP: It deals with the stock market and stuff, right?

Anthony Brunson: Yeah. It's brunstock.com I'm adding pages from time to time. Mainly education and tutorials! It's set up as a news site right now. But it's tough to keep up on the daily as a one man show. Especially since I'm doing so many other things

FSP: I am sure it is, you are really busy. A lot of skateboarders, really don't know what to do after skateboarding. You found a clear road to stability. What advice would you have for kids who are unsure about their future?

Anthony Brunson: Well... find something you enjoy and can progress at. And become the best at whatever it is. Then, make sure people know about what you're doing. The fancy term is networking. But it really just comes down to focus and commitment.

FSP: Do you mean to turn something that they like into a project?

Anthony Brunson: I suppose.  My problem is I want to be good at everything. Sometimes it's more powerful to have a single steady focus instead of a dozen things being half assed. Even in skateboarding. I wanted rails, manuals, park, ledges, etc. But then you see skaters like Greg Lutzka who made a career off of 4 tricks lol. He had focus. And that's what I'm talking about.

FSP: My younger brother has always said it is better to have an understanding of several things than to be a master at one thing. How do you see it?

Anthony Brunson: I see it as the the opposite. All you need is one thing to be successful.

FSP: This is true but what if the one thing doesn't do it for you and you have 10 other ideas?

Anthony Brunson: The key thing is to do something you can progress at. But don't give up too early. But you have to master your craft. Doing a dozen things takes away time from what you're trying to master. Have you seen Tony Hawk skate street?

FSP: I like your question and yes, he skated street in the early 90's. I have the first Birdhouse video form 92 or 93. I bought it for $5.00 from their 2nd Bird house projects ad in Transworld. He wasn't bad at it  but I get your point.

Anthony Brunson: Haha. Yeah, I saw him skate street in Woodstock back in the day. And that's why he stopped skating street because it took away from vert, his main focus.

FSP: Exactly.

Anthony Brunson: His street demo was like any other skate session. A couple crooked grinds and that was about it. But get him on the vert and that was a sight to see.

FSP: That's true but that explains my brother's saying. Think if Tony only focused on street. He had street skateboarding and vert. He went with the best option for him.

Anthony Brunson: Gotta stick with the family? lol

FSP: Nah, that's not it.lol I am just saying.

Anthony Brunson: You explained it for us all.

FSP: Have you looked in the skateboarding world lately?

Anthony Brunson: No. I'm sure there's a whole new generation out there now.

FSP: What is or was your favorite skateboard video?

Anthony Brunson: In Bloom. P-Rod's part.

FSP: That is a great video. I have it on VHS somewhere.

Anthony Brunson: Yeah, I liked the instrumentals since I used to play the violin. And of course P-Rod was amazing.

FSP: That's right you have a musical back ground. How has the singing and preformances been?

Anthony Brunson: I jam on my guitar. That's about it right now.

FSP: Do you play at any open mic nights in Florida?

Anthony Brunson: Nah, I don't have time for that right now with my remodel going on.

FSP: That's right, you got to stay on your toes. Flipping homes are part of the big business.

Anthony Brunson: Yeah. Once this is done I will hold onto it for a bit then sell it.

FSP: That's about the right thing to do. You sound like Dame Dash. Holding on to money is for suckas, invest.lol Do you follow him at all?

Anthony Brunson: Nope

FSP: I like a lot of his ideas and approachs to busines and culture. He was saying find something that you beleive in and invest in it. People who hold on to money because of fear will never be successful. He said it's because of their minds and thinking, change your mind so you can change your wallet.

Anthony Brunson: I'll have to look him up

FSP: I'll send you a link he was once partners with Jay-Z. Has living in Florida help your bi-lingual skills.

Anthony Brunson: No. I don't really need to speak Spanish here. Although, I went to a Spanish speaking church for a while.

FSP: Did your wife bring you there or was it a mutual thing?

Anthony Brunson: Mutual

FSP: Does she like Florida?

Anthony Brunson: Yes. She loves it.

FSP: That's cool! Florida around the Miam area has a huge spicey Cuban population. There are a lot of hot Cuban women there. I was there years ago but I remember, wow.

Anthony Brunson: Yeah. You have an addiction! lol

FSP: What? Addiction? Addiction to what?

Anthony Brunson: addiction to girls of course lol

FSP: There is no female addiction here.lol I am a real people's person and some of my favorite people are women, cute, soft and inspiring women.

But enough about me. Speaking of women, you have been married for a few years now. How old were you when you got married?

Anthony Brunson: I was 21

FSP: How did you guys meet, for some people that would be a really young age to meet your wife. We met at Taco Bell, we both worked there.  And yes, we were definitely young. lol Your wife played a big part in you learn spanish, right?

Anthony Brunson: Yep. I learned quite a bit by reading and listening to music though. It didn't take long and i had some added motivation to learn.

FSP: Does she have that spanish spice? As in don't make her upset. She'll get angry fast kind of spice? Or is she chill and relaxed?

Anthony Brunson: She's chill

FSP: Your daughter is very talkative, how old is she now?

Anthony Brunson: she's 5 now

FSP: Is she in school right now?

Anthony Brunson: She's in kindergarten

FSP: Is it a bi-lingual school?

Anthony Brunson: No.

FSP: What do you want your daughter to be when she grows up?

Anthony Brunson: Happy and a good person!

FSP: I like that answer, spoken like a true dad. Have you been playing any music recently? You are a song writer and performer. Your style reminds me of Bruno Mars.

Anthony Brunson: Oh really? Well, I jam on the guitar from time to time but I haven't recorded anything for a while.

FSP: Any chances of you coming back to music or skateboarding anytime soon?

Anthony Brunson: Music, yes. Skateboarding, not likely. My ankle doesn't really support that anymore.

FSP: What did you like about skateboarding, when you skated?

Anthony Brunson: The feeling!

FSP: Was it the tricks, the speed? What kind of feeling?

Anthony Brunson: All around. The physical feeling of catching the board to the emotional feeling of accomplishing something.

FSP: That sounds about right. The controlling of things, emotions, the board and the goal. Control freaks, we all are as skateboarders. Who used to make the best boards when you were skateboarding?

Anthony Brunson: Best? Not really sure. I couldn't keep a board for longer than a few days. I would never spend $50 on a deck.

FSP: Why not?

Anthony Brunson: I was broke!

FSP: Okay! I understand that.

Anthony Brunson: I ordered 20 blanks at a time

FSP: I would always buy blanks in high school. I would order them from mailorder shops in the back of Slap magazine and Thasher magazine. I undrstand if you want to skateboard, you'll do what you got to do.

Anthony Brunson: Yeah. Brand recognition was not important for me. I was just out to skate.

I repped Prophecy for a while and didn't ever try to get on a bigger company because I was loyal. I felt like I was part of something and could really influence it more

FSP: That's how it should be. Have you seen any guys skating around your part of town in Florida?

Anthony Brunson: A couple times. There are a lot of cruisers though

FSP: I think it's cool how your life has come about. I remember having a family meeting, my family asked if I knew anyone from our community who had their own business. They also said they had to be self employeed. You were the first person that came to mind. Well, any last words from you before we close out this interview? Or thanks and shout outs!?

Anthony Brunson: I guess, I'll give a shout out to all the original rippers... Dax Miller, Bill Welk, Tory Spears, Garret Bauch, and Luke Tassoni.  There's a ton of others but I'll stop there. Thanks for your time too, Jahbarr.

1.nose slide to nollie laser flip out 

2. Trick tip: El Negro flip

3. Good times serious featuring Clint Walker 

4. Anthony's music skills  

Photos and videos provided by Anthony Brunson

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Anthony Brunson


Henr on a smoke break

Henr on a smoke break

FSP: What's your name?

Henr De Massiac: Henri de massiac

FSP: Where you originally from?

Henr De Massiac: I'm Thai with a French name, my mom is Thai and my dad French. I was born an I've lived most of my life in Thailand.

FSP: Can you speak French?

Henr De Massiac: Yeah, sure!

FSP: You are a man of many hats. You have a lot of trades and skill sets. You are a D.J. too aren't you?

Henr De Massiac: Yeah, that is what I do for my living right now.

FSP: When did you first start D.Jing?

Henr De Massiac: Around 2009 -2010

Omar Salazar and Henr De Massiac partying in Bangkok, Thailand

Omar Salazar and Henr De Massiac partying in Bangkok, Thailand

FSP: How did you get into D.Jing?

Henr De Massiac: Since, I was skating with friends and we all party. Well, I mean.... I was living the life.   The life of skating and partying and so one day I was thinking that maybe I can make a living with D.Jing. And somethings came to mind and one thing lead to another so, I started to D. J.!

FSP: What kind of music did you first start D.Jing to?

Henr De Massiac: I started out with Electro music and different types of music.

FSP: Okay, cool! What types of music do you normal D.J.?

Henr De Massiac: I love to play progressive Electro and House and now people get into Electronic Dance music.

FSP: Do you normally D.J. at one club or several clubs a week?

Henr De Massiac: It really depends on a schedule. If I do not get a club, I will get an event or some pub or lounge mostly. I work 5 days a week too.

Omar Salazar and Henr De Massiac partying in Bangkok, Thailand

FSP: You are pretty busy in Bangkok, Thailand? Have you ever been a D. J. in France?

Henr De Massiac: Yeah, beside D.Jing. I produced my own music too and this year I was working on ghost producing for someone. I have my radio show project and my skate shoe company called Krime. I am doing a lot and I think now days 24 hours a day is not really enough time for me. And what about me D.Jing in France?................ No, never in France, yet. But this year I will travel to Belgium and try to make it to Belgium this June.

FSP: That's cool man! I don't know where you find the time. What's the name of your shoe company?

Henr De Massiac: My company is called Krime footwear. lol I do not really sleep. I sleep about 4-5 hours per day. Well at least now a days.

Krime Foot wear

FSP: It sounds like it. well we only get one life and you better make it count. Do you design your shoes yourself and how did the idea of starting your own shoe company come about?

Henr De Massiac: As a skater I really wanna have a part in the industry. A lots of my friends been doing deck and shirt for a long time. I wanna do something different so, I got this connection with the shoes industry and I started it this way.

FSP: Having active friends is always good motivation. Positive people do positive things. How did the name Krime come about?

Henr De Massiac: Yeah design it with the help of a rider on the team called Death Hi! He's a really good skater here in Bangkok.

FSP: Does Krime have team yet or are you focusing on the business side of things first?

Henr De Massiac: The name came about as you know skateboarding and people thinking about us as criminals. Like  crime, bad guys, other false images and etc....... People think we are crimal trying to fuck thing up. I took crime as the key word for my brand and made it cool and produced Krime footwear. lol

FSP: Interesting concept

Henr De Massiac: Yes, we have a team already and the promo video will be out very soon.

Joseph aka Believe Film, Clarice and Henr and friends

Joseph aka Believe Film, Clarice and Henr and friends

FSP: That's sick! Who is on the team?

Henr De Massiac: Death Hi / Joseph / me and 2 others but they quiet. My brand is new. I don't have much support so now, I really have to focus my 2 team riders. My two riders of course are Death Hi and Joseph

Henr De Massiac: I know those guys, they are two really good skateboarders. I filmed Joshep for a Control Freaks with Transportation video(Bangkok skateparks) video. He ended his line with a frontside boardslide to big spin out. He's really good.

Joseph aka Believe Film, Clarice and Henr

FSP: Are you looking to market your shoes to the United States or Europe too?

Henr De Massiac: Yes, I really want to. When I go to Belgium this year I will try to get my shoes into some skate shops.

FSP: I think that's a good idea. If you want to market your shoes to the United States, I'll do my best to help. Have you skated in Belgium before?

Henr De Massiac: Yeah, I skate there in Holland too have lots of friends there.Thank you jahbarr!

FSP: No worries! How is skateboarding in Holland different than Thailand?

Henr De Massiac: A lot more skate park  and street spot are around in Holland.

FSP: Do the cops in Holland bug you about skateboarding on public property?

Henr De Massiac: Lol I never have experience with that over there but for Bangkok has more security and harder to skate in the city for sure.

FSP: Yes, I would agree. The Thai security is very tight. Some security guards are cooler than others but they are all ways there. Do you get a lot of chicks from D.Jing or do you have a girlfriend?

Henr De Massiac: No, I don't get any girl but a lot if gays come to watch me D.j.!  lol I think they like my wasted look.  I do have a girl friend but it seems she likes to disappear from time to time.lol

Krime foot wear in cream colored material

Krime foot wear in cream colored material

FSP: So are you single now?

Henr De Massiac: No, I'm not single. I have a girlfriend, I guest.

FSP: Diamond (Pet) Raksangob said, years ago Henr would get a lot of chicks from D.jing. He said, lines of girls would be waiting on him. That seems like every guys dream. The night life and the chicks that come with it. Does it get annoying sometimes?

Henr De Massiac producing good vibes for the night

Henr De Massiac: I mean if you are really looking for girl of course you gonna find it but right now, I'm just having fun D.Jing. I like partying and getting drunk and my goals and attention is to be a D.J. and to get cash money.

FSB: Cool, sounds like you have dedication for the business. Have you been skating a lot lately?

Henr De Massiac: Yeah, I try my best to skateboard 3 times a week. But for now it's been 1 day a week. It's just about exercise and skateboarding for me, its a great sport.

FSP: What tricks have you been working on lately?

Henr De Massiac: Nollie big heel was my last trick that I worked on. I didn't get it, I was trying it on bank with friends. I lost the bet to get the trick. The bet was to buy my friend some beer it was fun session.

FSP: Who do you normally skateboard with in Bangkok, Thailand?

Henr De Massiac: Before with Leo but now days I just go solo and met skaters at the spots. Lately I skate a lot with ek and Joseph at huamark skate park in Bangkok, Thailand.

Henr De Massiac clears the gap with style in Bangkok, Thailand

FSB: What are some of your favorite brands in the skateboarding industry?

Henr De Massiac: Well, my fav brand are Flip skateboard, Vans, Emericaand  Toy machine.

FSP: Flip is a cool company and Tom Penny will near be out date. You said you were working on a video for your new shoe company called krime. What will be the name of Krimes video and when can expect to see it?

Henr De Massiac: It will not have a name just yet. It will be a promo video introducing my skate shoe brand and it should be out in a 2 months.

FSP: Can we expect anything else from Krime? T-shirts, boards or just shoes for now?

Henr De Massiac: Yeah, shoes and t shirt for now.

FSP: Besides Krime what other shoe companys good you respect?

Henr De Massiac: I like Vans and Circa!

Henr De Massiac clears the gap with style in Bangkok, Thailand

Henr De Massiac clears the gap with style in Bangkok, Thailand

FSP: What do you like about those companys?

Henr De Massiac: I like the shape of shoes and the material

FSP: What kind of material do you perfer leather or suede shoes?

Henr De Massiac: I prefer suede

FSP: What type of shoe do you perfer hi-tops or low tops?

Henr De Massiac: I like low but I really enjoy wearing Vans Half Cabs for the moment.

FSP: I like Half Cabs too, I think they have been copied the most, more than any other skateboarding shoe.

Krime foot wear in cream colored material

FSP: Does Krime have a website of a facebook page yet?

Henr De Massiac producing good vibes for the night

Henr De Massiac producing good vibes for the night

Henr De Massiac: Yeah, I have a facebook page but not a website, yet.

FSP: What is Krime's link or URL on facebook? I want people to check it out!

Henr De Massiac: Okay people check us out @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Krime-Footwear/466854706781799Krime Footwear

FSP: Okay, thanks for your time. We will be sure to check your shoes out.

Images provided by Henr De Massiac

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Henr Massiac


Rashad Payne

Rashad Payne

FSP: What's your full name?

Rashad Payne: Nikita Rashad Payne                                                 

FSP: When did you start going by the name Rashad?

Rashad Payne: I just decided to change it to the name I was called on my dad's side of the family.

FSP: Okay, was it just that? Any other family related reasons?

Rashad Payne: Just miss being around that side of my family a bit.

FSP: Okay, so you keep the name around and you'll keep the family around in a sense???

Rashad Payne: Yeah

I mean they're family..always gonna have to keep them around

FSP: Who gave you your name?

Rashad Payne: My grandmother gave me my first name and my middle name came from my dad.

FSP: Okay! I knew your grandmother or mother gave you your first name because it's like my middle name.

Rashad Payne: Yeah, woman are always the one to give the first names. lol

FSP: This is true, where are you from originally?

Rashad Payne Gap Ollie

Rashad Payne Gap Ollie

Rashad Payne: Originally I'm from Chicago. I moved from Chicago to Arkansas between ages 4-7..then back to Chicago..and then moved here when I was 9 1/2

FSP: So, Rockford was your introduction at an early age too?

When did you start skateboarding?

Rashad Payne: Yes! Rockford, Illinois was unfortunately lol.

I started skating about 8 years ago..but didn't really try to start taking it serious until the second year..the first year all I'd would do was roll around on my stomach.lol

FSP: What year was this?

Rashad Payne: Between 08'-09'

Between 07'-08' I mean

FSP: Who got you into skateboarding?

Rashad Payne: One of my long time friends Angel Bueno..one day I was just walking down the street and seen some random kid in a driveway skating and I don't know why but it really intrigued me. I walked up and talked to him. He told me where to get a board and I went and got one the same day. We've been skating together ever since.


Nakita(Rashed)Payne smith grind 180 out

FSP: What kind of board did you get?

Rashad Payne: My very first board I believe it was the "original A" Andrew Reynolds deck from Baker.

FSP: Did you ever go skating with Angel Bueno in down town Rockford your first year of skating?

Rashad Payne: Nah, I wasn't really introduced to downtown until about 2 1/2 years in..and it seemed like a whole new world then.

FSP: What's your favorite place to skate in Downtown Rockford, Illinois

or in Rockford in general?

Rashad Payne: Downtown, I'd have to say my favorite place was always this spot called "2step" I'm sure your familiar with it..we would always spend hours at that place without getting bored..but my favorite place to skate period would have to be skateworks skatepark. That place always feels like home.

FSP: 2step/Ledig if I saying it right. Has a lot of skateboard history within Rockford, Illinois! I first started skating there in 1993 with my friend Tony Hase. I would sneek my father's video camera out the house when my mom and dad were gone and try to film my friends and I skating.

Rashad Payne: Man, that's a while back! Lol I was born a year after that. haha

FSP: I know, I am aging myself! I should stick to asking the questions!lol

Rashad Payne: We all are lol

FSP: You have a nice bag of tricks. How did you come up with that smith stall on the quater pipe to kick flip back into the quater pipe at the ware house skate park?

Rashad Payne: My Filmer Bryan Nambo. Every time we film,we have this thing where he and his brother just toss out random ideas and I teach myself that trick and get it on film. A lot of the skating I do, I don't even know I'm capable of until they toss out the idea to me or something.

FSP: Big shout out to Bryan Nambo! That's pretty creative. Sharing ideas and expanding your style. Who do you think is pretty stylish in the industry of skateboarding?

Rashad Payne: Local skaters or just in skating period?

Rashad Payne Chillin

Rashad Payne Chillin

FSP: Well, just in Skateboarding period,

local people or sponserd ams or pros.

Rashad Payne Gap Ollie

Rashad Payne: I've always like Antwuan Dixon ..his style was always dope to me

…....................Sorry for the late replies..I was driving

FSP: No worries, I am making coffee and talking to my mother about family.

What do you like about Antwuan Dixon?

He's known for having arm control and being a party animal.

Rashad Payne: What I like most about Antwuan is that behind all of the rowdiness and partying, he really was a genuine nice person. I mean everyones a total different person from when they drink and party. I also love the consistency and how clean his style is. His skating is the #1 reason why I support him. He has showed me that you can come from absolutely nothing and make a lot of it.

FSP: He does have his positive points and clean is a very good way to describe his style.

Rashad Payne: Yeah, he has one of the most unique styles out there..very unmatchable.

FSP: Where do you see skateboarding in the next few years?

Rashad Payne: Within the next few years...........haha I'd say it'd be way harder to go pro or see yourself as a better skater with all these guys constantly setting the bar higher.

FSP: I understand what you mean. Do you think more avenues of different styles will open up? Like the Magenta guys are in a different group than the Zero guys and the DGK guys are in a differnt group than the Creature guys. What do you think?

Rashad Payne: I definitely think there's always room for different styles, personalities, and creativity. One of the biggest things I notice about skateboarding is that having a unique style and creativity plays a big part in this game. And the search for new styles and such never stops.

FSP: That's true it's an art form within it's self.

Rashad Payne: Exactly

FSP: Is there anything that you don't like about skateboarding?

Rashad Payne: Something that I see a lot of and dislike is that a lot of people feel they have a certain rank of importance and are cocky because of their skill level. It's like,yeh man....... I know your good and all but do you really have to act like a douchebag to the people who want to support you?
And usually the supporters can take these people a long way in skateboarding, but these people act to good to give the supporters a shot or encouragement.

FSP: You find that a lot in skateboarding, past and present.

Rashad Payne: Yeah its like Andrew Reynolds turning into Ryan scheckler lol.

FSP: Let me tell you, they don't last long at all. We are all getting old which means your ability decreases eventally and there is always some kid younger than you whose skill level is rising higher than yours daily. Also we all get hurt which will can bring a persons cocky attitude to a hault at once. I have seen it over and over again. Reality will touch them one way or another. 

Rashad Payne: And its crazy because these people act like we need to be this way...we don't always have to be in a competition with each other.

FSP: If people are going to be dicks you don't have to support them. They need you for their self esteem, to buy their products and all. I could never play into those kind of childish games, it would be to easy to win!lol
I have better things to do besides take it back to Jr. High! My lunch table is cooler than yours.lol How do you deal with that kind of situation? Also people should start up their own team/shop/crew or whatever. These things are right at your door.

Rashad Payne: I feel exactly what your saying lol...I deal with those kind of situations by straying away and focusing more on my progress than worrying about how far others have gotten. I am not saying that I ignore other's success because I definitely notice when others go farther. I acknowledge and give respect for that. But im just too use to trying to get better by myself. I'll get better by myself before I'll let the faulty actions of others get in my way.

FSP: That's a very positive attitude. Keeping focus is very important.

FSP: Have you ever skated in Chicago before?

Rashad Payne: Nope. Every time I go there I just so happen to forget my board..I'd really like to skate the new plaza they just built there.

FSP: That thing is a city within it's self. It's big!

Rashad Payne: Which is the exact kind of park I've been hungry to skate...i've never skated a park bigger than cream city..and that park seems so small after only being there 4 times.

FSP: I like Cream City too. It's been years since I have been there. We should skate the windy city this Spring, I miss it. I was born there and half of my life was raised there. It has tons of skate spots and pretty faces.

Rashad Payne: I'd love that..the past few times I've been there was only for a few hours at a time. I haven't had the chance to sit out there in so long..yet it still feels like home to me.

Rashed Payne ollie the gap footage taken from The Ob2sconcept video Obession's montage

Rashed Payne ollie the gap footage taken from The Ob2sconcept video Obession's montage

FSP: It is home.

FSP: I use to live in Pilsen years ago. It's the industrial area of the South Westside of Chicago but not deep south or deep west! It's full of spots! Well, it was then at least.

Rashad Payne: Its usually the industrial parts that have the most spots..I've seen a few, but I've seen more of down town in skate films..id say. I like the spots down town. I'm more interested in the secret spots that can be found out there.

FSP: Well, we are going to plan a trip when the snow melts my friend and I'll have my camera in hand!

Rashad Payne: It's bound to be a good time

FSP: Sure will be! Speaking of cameras, have you seen any good skate videos lately?

Rashad Payne: Surprisingly, I don't watch many skate vids. lol, I don't even know who half of these new pros are lol. I've tried staying more to the locals when it comes to skate vids.. Its usually Shawn turner or Dixon parts that I look into when I do watch videos though, I don't even watch TV. lol

FSP: I see with all of the new faces it can be hard to follow.

Rashad Payne: Definitely..I was also one of those kids who couldn't sit still. I never watched vids, or TV..it was always funny. I was always clueless when someone would ask me something about skateboard media.

FSP: It sounds like your brain is free from distractions.
Shows like Empire, the News and Reality T.V. are there to brain wash us all, not watching it is the right thing to do.

FSP: What are your plans for this summer to come on the board and off the board?

Rashad Payne: My main plan is to work and get myself on my feet. You know, such as getting my own place, car..the grown up thing...my plan on the board, I plan to do a lot more learning and traveling..traveling is the main part. I always look forward to trips. I love the road trips.

FSP: Where would you like to go in the United States of America?

Rashad Payne ollies the gap in the Obession video montage, a video produced by Gershon Mosley's company The Ob2sconcept.

Rashad Payne: I'd like to go to Vegas..to visit and live there at some point in time..I hear so much about the skate scene there and it seems like the ideal place for me to live.

FSP: Vegas would be cool! Hot and warm weather brings a different kind of mind set. Have you ever been to Vegas?

Rashad Payne: No, I've never been there. My girlfriend is very familiar with the area out there and my mom's best friend lives there too.

FSP: Cool, you have contacts. That's a good way to start. Contacts and networking go a long way. Do you agree?

Rashad Payne: Very true. Id rather start where I have some type of ties to rather than starting completely from scratch.

FSP: The last time I saw you, I filmed you and Angel for the Television(Tell.Lies.Visually)video. Your tricks over the hip pyramid were my favorite. Did that Magenta board work well with you?

Rashad Payne: Honestly that was one of the best feeling boards that I've riden.

FSP: I understand, I like Magenta all the way around. Everything they do is artisy and quailty. How would you describe that deck? Is it mellow, concaved or steep?

Rashad Payne: The concave in the board was pretty nice and mellow. It has just the right amount of depth to it, it wasn't too steep either. The deck was an all around nice board.

FSP: Sorry dude, my internet is crazy right now!

My final question is if you had to put together a team of skateboarders, with 4 pros,1 veteran pro, 2 ams and give the team a name what would you have?

Rashad Payne: Wow, thats a tough one! lol

hmmmmmmmmm, let me see.......hear.............


1.Antwuan Dixon 2.Tory Pudwill 3.Andrew Reynolds 4.Theotis beasly

The vet pro I'd have to choose Daewon Song or Stevie Williams!

The two ams I would choose are 1.Shawn Turner and 2. I'd choose... Antonio Davis!

I think I'd probably name my company "Santana Skateboards"

FSP: Sounds like a killer team to me. Okay thank you Mr. Payne

send Rashad Payne a request@facebook.com/NAKLTON?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Images provided by Byran Nambo

Interview provided by Jahbarr S. Hyles and Rashad Payne


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